Zac Efron reveals what happened to his face: ‘I almost died’


Before you rush to attribute his changed appearance to excessive vanity, find out what really happened to Zac Efron’s face.

If you are one of those who have always watched American sitcoms, chances are that you noticed him in the “High School Musical” trilogy, later in “Neighbors”, maybe even in the musical “The Greatest Showman”. And you will definitely remember that Zac Efron was a handsome, fresh-faced kid with a baby face.

I say “was” because now the 36-year-old popular actor looks completely changed – he’s a fine man, but he’s changed! We’ve noticed this for about a year now from various photos circulating, but in the trailer for his new movie “The Iron Clow,” which tells the true story of the Von Erich brothers, two top boxers, we confirmed it. Zac Efron, what happened to your face?

Some plastic surgery is not due to vanity

With a short search we found that the big change in the image of the handsome actor took place in 2021. It was then that a few minutes of his participation in the movie “Earth Day! The Musical’ was enough for the audience to notice that he looked disfigured. His chin was almost square, his lips looked drawn and, predictably, netizens started commenting (usually maliciously) that all of this was the result of plastic surgery he had done to make him look maybe… more masculine?

In September 2022, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Zac Efron decided to break his silence for the first time and reveal not only what exactly had happened to him, but also that he had no idea about the gossip storm that had erupted: “My mum told me – I avoid going online so I didn’t realize what a mess it was. I don’t even care…”

He explained, therefore, that the change in your appearance is not the result of excessive vanity, as those who did not know him were quick to conclude. As he said, it all started in 2013 from an accident at his home. He was running in socks, slipped and hit his jaw badly on a granite sink. At that moment he fainted and when he came to his jaw was broken.

Recovery was difficult and took months. He underwent reconstructive surgery, his mouth was wired shut, and braces for weeks to stabilize his jaw, and he had to undergo countless physical therapies to be able to move it again. It took a long time for his jaw to function normally, which kept him out of work for years.

In fact, when in 2021 he had to be in Australia for filming and stopped physical therapy altogether, that was when the masticatory muscles swelled terribly, making his jaw look so swollen.

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Zac Efron is now prioritizing his mental health

He said on the same show that despite people’s comments, he remained optimistic and did not pay attention to conspiracy theories that wanted him to be a victim of plastic surgery. “I almost died, it wasn’t nice. But now I’m fine”he characteristically said.

This whole process of recovery – while the gossip was giving and taking – also taught him a very good lesson: “If I cared about what people thought of me, I wouldn’t be able to recover from what I went through either physically or psychologically.”

Ten years after this terrifying adventure, he gives more importance than ever to his mental health. As he reveals, he follows a mindfulness exercise regimen, with yoga, stretching and self-massage: “I live attached to Theragun and yoga” he revealed and concluded: “Take care of your heart, take care of your mind and you’ll be fine.”

What is Theragun

Because you must be wondering: Theragun is a shock therapy device (massage), which helps the outflow of lactic acid from strained muscles, offering immediate relief and reducing pain after intense exercise. However, it can also be used before this, as it is said to aid mobility by increasing blood circulation to areas where muscles are tight.

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