700 students in the Mathematics exams in Magnesia

700 students in the Mathematics exams in Magnesia
700 students in the Mathematics exams in Magnesia

Over 700 high school and high school students of Magnesia participated in the competitions of the Mathematical Society with the first phase being “Thalis”.

More specifically, on Saturday, November 4, the 84th Panhellenic Student Competition was held for students of the 2nd, 3rd grades of High School and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades of the General and Vocational High Schools of the country and the 13th local Competition for students of 1st High School, in Mathematics, “O Thalis 2023”.
In Magnesia, 4 examination centers operated, in the 1st Gymnasium of Volos, in the 1st Gymnasium of Almyros, in the Gymnasium of Skopelos and in the Annex of E.K.K.N. of the 6th High School of Volos and a total of 700 students of all grades participated, from 50 High Schools and High Schools of the Prefecture.
For the first time since the pandemic, the competitions were not held in school premises, but in four examination centers designated at the level of Magnesia.
For example, 600 students participated in the 1st High School of Volos. The results will be announced in December, while on January 20 the second phase, which is “Euclid”, will take place.
The president of the branch of the Mathematical Society of Magnesia, Ms. Stella Dimitrakopoulou, expressed her satisfaction with the high participation of the students in the first phase of the competition and the love the students show for mathematics.
The director of the 1st High School of Volos, Mr. Yiannis Karaferis, pointed out that approximately 600 students of all classes participated. The exams lasted three hours and were organized by the local branch of the Hellenic Mathematical Society”.
It is noted that Magnesia has in previous years received important distinctions from the mathematical competition with medals won by students.
D.E. of the Annex of the E.M.E. N. Magnesia in a statement “thanks everyone who contributed to the smooth running of the competition and congratulates the students who participated, their parents and guardians who supported them in their endeavor, as well as their teachers who motivated and prepared them for their participation.
Also D.E. thanks the director of Secondary Education of the Prefecture of Magnesia, Mrs. Savelidis S., Mrs. Fasourakis R., head of Educational Affairs, as well as Mrs. Matsangou F. for their valuable help.
Special thanks are given to the presidents and directors of the examination centers, Mr. Karaferi I., of the 1st Gymnasium of Volos, Ziogas Chr., of the 1st Gymnasium of Almyros, Palaiologos Chr., of the Skopelos Gymnasium, and Fovos I., of the EKKN Branch of the 6th Gymnasium of Volos, who contributed to the smooth running of the competition and willingly hosted in their school units.
Warm thanks are also given to the colleagues who helped supervise the competition and who were: For the examination center of Volos: Gaitanas K., Kontonina A., Bardas Chr., Samara E., Giannakopoulou El., Loufopoulos G., Dimitrakopoulou St. . A., Tsianaka T., Froxylias P., Hatzoglou M., Galanopoulos S., Dimitrakopoulou G., Kavouras M., Karali M., Kotta Evita, Ragos E., Christopoulos K., Nikoloudakis P., Dimopoulos S., Karanikas Th, Komnos K., b) for the examination center of Almyro: Kaltsa Ap., Hatzipli A., Konstandelia E., Tzafleri Ch., Priagelou Aik., Konstantinidis E., c) for the examination center of Skopelos: Amygdalaki Ur. , Karapanos L., Xenou I., Prakate M. and d) for the examination center E.K.K.N.: Krikelis Ev., Hatzitheofylaktou Ag., Serleti K. Also, thanks are given to the cleaning and canteen staff of the schools that participated and contributed to its smooth running”.

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