Shocking video: When death lurks in LEA

Shocking video: When death lurks in LEA
Shocking video: When death lurks in LEA

An incredible traffic accident occurred on a US highway, during a police check on a car stopped at the LEA.

As can be seen in the video document, the police officer appears to be checking the driver of the stopped car for some violation, when at some point he begins to realize that a car is coming from the opposite direction of traffic at breakneck speed.

Everything happened very quickly with the police officer reacting immediately seeing the vehicle approaching and saving himself at the last moment.

The driver of the car coming from the opposite traffic has lost control and crashes into the stopped vehicle and the policeman who was conducting the check.

The image of the collision is shocking, it really seems that by luck we did not mourn victims from the severe impact.

The 17-year-old driver of the passing vehicle was charged with reckless driving. The drivers of the vehicles were slightly injured in the traffic accident, while the police officer – apart from the strong shock – was not hurt in the slightest!

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