Dimitris Graikos: The horrific murder of the breeder is revived in the Court of Appeal

Dimitris Graikos: The horrific murder of the breeder is revived in the Court of Appeal
Dimitris Graikos: The horrific murder of the breeder is revived in the Court of Appeal

The appeal of the confessed perpetrator of the murder of Dimitris Graikos, who has been sentenced to life in prison, is being heard today. Seven years after the disappearance and the brutal crime that shocked the whole of Greece, the family of the unfortunate cattle breeder is asking that the life sentences of the murderer, who for years walked free pretending that he knew nothing about the fate of the unfortunate cattle breeder, while he had killed him, should not be broken and had buried him together with the car at his business premises.

“My brother Nikos would cool off and ask “what happened to the murderer of Dimitris?” What we expect from justice is that this man never gets out of prison,” the sister of the murdered Dimitris Graikou tells ThessToday.

As the legal representatives of the family explain, there may have been a vindication in the first instance, but the investigations will not stop until the case is fully clarified and the possibility that the person sentenced to life, had accomplices is ruled out.

The sister, niece and nephew of Dimitris Graikou, a few hours before reliving the Golgotha ​​they went through in the courtroom of the Court of Appeal until they reached the truth, describe how even though it has been seven years since they lost their man, the pain and anger did not soften within them.

Athina Graikou: “One by one my brothers perished in this tragedy”

“Within two years I lost three brothers. My brother Nikos used to say let’s find Dimitris’s killer and die. That’s what happened. I came to my country from abroad to hug my brothers and from six we were left with two. I hurt for everyone and especially for the children my brother left as orphans. The one who took his life is a cold-blooded killer. I am infuriated to learn how he is constantly getting permits and walking around free. We never believed the lies they said that he went abroad. The killer wasn’t ashamed to go out on the channels and blurt out things from his imagination,” Athina Graikou, sister of the murdered, says to ThessToday’s camera.

“At the Court of Appeal I will be alone without any of my brothers by my side. As the years pass the pain grows. My brother Nikos was freaking out and asking ‘what happened to the killer?'” she concludes with tears in her eyes.

Christina Graikou: “We are talking about a hardened killer”

The niece of Dimitris Graikou, Christina remembers the last moments of her father who left 40 days ago asking for only one thing. Atonement for his dead brother. “Before my father fell into a coma, he anxiously asked us if there were any developments about the killer. His wish was that the lifetimes would never be broken. What we also expect from the court. I feel anger that this man will be brought before us. He must pay for what he did.”

“He was deliberately lying to us so that we wouldn’t suspect him. Even when the wheels of the car were found, he had said that my uncle had asked him to hide them because he had gone abroad. He hid a body and a car for years. Above the place where he buried my uncle he lived and worked every day. This shows that we are talking about a hardened killer,” he says characteristically.

Giorgos Graikos: “It is difficult that we will find ourselves in front of this animal again”

Dimitris Graikou’s nephew, Giorgos, who was by his side in business for years, spoke of an endless Golgotha. As the family explains, they are asking for justice both for the death of his uncle and for the fight that his father gave for the truth to shine. “For seven years this Calvary has tortured us. A murder that shocked all of Greece. I hope justice will do what it needs to do to rest the soul of my father and uncle. We also want life on the Court of Appeal. This killer deserves nothing less. It is difficult that we will be in front of this beast again. It’s soul destroying. My father, shortly before he died, asked me to take the case to the end so that his brother’s soul could be vindicated.”

Lawyer Nikos Dialynas: “We assume that he had an accomplice or even accomplices”

The lawyer Nikos Dialynas was one of the first people to uncover the unscrupulous murderer of Graikous. Long hours of investigations with the show “Light in the Tunnel” with Angeliki Nikoloulis, autopsies and patience.

Justice was late but it came. “What is shocking about this killing is the way it was done. The previous study. The convict with a special machine dug a trench to hide the vehicle and then throw the body away. But it is shocking that above the spot where he buried the body, he lived and worked” Mr. Dialynas comments on the case and continues: “about two years after the murder, the same man in a butcher’s shop he opened in Flogita, beat a heart patient who he parked near his shop. He threw the victim down and punched him. The victim even shouted at him that he had undergone heart surgery. But he continued.”

“Even today some questions remain open about the case. We speculate that the convicted person had an accomplice or even accomplices. We had evidence that some of the workers that the condemned man had at the time, after the disappearance of Graikous, also disappeared. We managed to locate them in Thrace. We have the plan to continue the investigations”, adds the lawyer.

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