The weather is getting wild from today

The weather is getting wild from today
The weather is getting wild from today

The drop in temperature from this morning is noticeable, even in Attica. Are we saying goodbye to high temperatures from today?

THE The National Weather Service has issued an emergency warningeven warning of dangerous weather phenomena that are going to affect Greece.

Storms are expected to affect most regions of the country, including Attica.

THE advance of bad weather expected to start today is friday and last all weekend. According to the forecast of meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglou, rains are expected in the west and clouds in the central and south-western parts of the country until noon on Friday.

The first effects are expected to appear in the Ionian Islands and the Western Peloponnese, while from midday onwards, the bad weather is expected to affect the Peloponnese, eastern Sterea, Attica, Evia and the Sporades.

As for temperatures, noon is expected to range from 14 to 21 degrees Celsius in the various parts of the country. In the southern parts, temperatures may reach 25 degrees, while in the west they will hover around 19 degrees and in the eastern islands of the country between 19 and 22 degrees Celsius.

In Attica, the weather is expected to be cloudy with rain and storms from the morning and in some places these phenomena will be intense. Temperatures are expected to range from 14 to 21 degrees Celsius.

It is important to heed these warnings and prepare for the expected change in weather conditions. Let’s be careful and be prepared for the bad weather conditions that may affect our area.

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