SYRIZA: Today two top executives are expected to leave – Newsbomb – News

SYRIZA: Today two top executives are expected to leave – Newsbomb – News
SYRIZA: Today two top executives are expected to leave – Newsbomb – News

Two of the top executives of SYRIZA are preparing to leave – The decisions of the “Umbrella” for the meeting of the Central Committee

A cauldron that SYRIZA is boiling with everything it seems about its future will be decided at the weekend at the meeting of the Central Committee with the groups within the party preparing their next moves.

Already as it emerged from the marathon and almost all-night “Umbrella” despite proposals for an immediate withdrawal, the opinion prevailed to attend and defend their ideas and history at the weekend meeting.

However, according to an exclusive report by OPEN, two of the executives of SYRIZA and the “Umbrella” team are expected to leave within the day. Consequently, the said group will not attend the Central Committee as a whole, following internal disputes over whether or not they should attend the weekend meeting. According to the information, it is about two persons, one of whom has been a minister of the SYRIZA government in the period 2015-2019 and the other in a top position in the party.

Political criticism from “6+6”

At the meeting of the group of Ahtsioglou, Haritsi, Iliopoulos, 130 people took part. The reflection recorded about the course of the party was intense and the decision was to file a text of differentiation and criticism.

The “6+6” consider that the war climate and the political obsolescence of the space is the responsibility of the leadership. Thus, in the Central Committee they intend to express in a structured way their disagreement with the policy and strategy followed by the new leadership group.

In fact, they note that they will positively support their political proposal for the new composition that they will present, so that it becomes possible to overcome the crisis and for there to be a greater response to the needs of society in a serious and reliable way.

At the conference, the issue of their departure from the party was not raised, however, from what will be said to Central Committee and how the leadership will behave, will also decide their own future in Koumoundourou.

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