Roula Pispirigou: Her second trial for the deaths of Malena and Iris begins

Roula Pispirigou: Her second trial for the deaths of Malena and Iris begins
Roula Pispirigou: Her second trial for the deaths of Malena and Iris begins

The case of the death of the two youngest daughters of Roula Pispirigou comes today before the Joint Jury, at the same time that the accused mother of the children has already been on trial for months for the death of Georgina.

The 35-year-old woman from Patras, whose trial for Georgina continues today at the MOD, is invited to appear before the same court which, in an adjacent room and under a different composition, will try her for serial intentional homicide in a calm state of mind. It is attributed to the accused that it was her own hands that took the life of her 3.5-year-old daughter Malena in 2019, the first child in the family to die, as well as the life of only six-month-old Iris in 2021, while the baby was sleeping in the same room with Georgina.

According to the case file, the two children died of suffocation at the fault of their mother. Roula Pispirigou is accused in this case that on April 13, 2019, inside the “Aglaia Kyriakou” hospital, she blocked the breathing of Malena, who was hospitalized after a successful treatment of lymphadenitis.

Almost a year later, on March 21, 2021, he allegedly murdered six-month-old Iris by suffocation again while the infant slept. Initially, Malena’s death, which had caused a huge surprise to the Hospital’s doctors, was attributed by a medical examiner to liver failure. For Iris, the initial assessment was that the baby died of sinus agenesis-hypoplasia.

The losses of the two children had been considered an unimaginable drama, however Georgina’s death on January 29, 2022, put the whole case on a different trajectory: A judicial investigation was launched that ended with the mother being accused in two trials.

Roula Pispirigou, apologizing for the deaths of her two youngest daughters, claimed – as in the case of Georgina – that she is innocent and could not have harmed her children. The 35-year-old questions the position of medical examiners Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrias, who ruled that the two youngest girls of the Daskalakis family died of suffocation.

And in this trial, the father of the three children will stand opposite the accused, who has declared a representation in Support of the Accusation. Manos Daskalakis who is present at the trial for Georgina with his lawyers Dimitris Georgakopoulos and Dimitris Karambela, in the trial which is expected to start today he will request the appointment of lawyers through Legal Aid, as he cannot afford a second trial.

According to a related announcement by his two lawyers, the appeal to Legal Aid as a solution “became a one-way street, due to the fact that, due to his exposure to the case, he found it very difficult to find work, which led him to very serious financial difficulties.”

Once the trial begins, it is expected to last a long time

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