VesselsValue: How prices were shaped in buying and selling ships. The moves of the week


mononews in collaboration with VesselsValue, the internationally recognized data platform that determines fair vessel valuations, presents every week how values ​​are shaping up in the shipping market, combined with the most important vessel sales.


In older build supramaxes the values ​​were boosted.

-The Capesize BC Cape Flamingo (180,200 DWT, built 2005, Koyo Dock) sold to Chinese buyers for $15.4 million. Its value, according to VesselsValue, estimated at $15.84 million

-The Panamax BC Golden Bull (75,000 DWT, built 2012, Reliance Defence) changed hands at a price of $16 million. His value is estimated at 16.42 million dollars.

-The Supramax BC Freedom Line (56,100 DWT, built 2005, Mitsui Tamano) sold for $10.8 million. His value is estimated at 10.63 million dollars.

-The Handy BC Darya Jamuna (36,800 DWT, built 2012, Hyundai Mipo) sold for $16 million. His value is estimated at 15.85 million dollars.


Older build VLCC values ​​fell, while older LR1s strengthened due to its sale Nordic Josephine.

-Two newbuild suezmaz (158,000 DWT, delivery 2027, Hyundai Samho HI) ordered by Hayfin Capital at a price of $170.80 million. Their value is estimated at 171.28 million dollars.

-The LR1 Nordic Josephine (74,000 DWT, built 2007, New Century) changed hands for $23 million. His value is estimated at 21 million dollars.

-The MR2 STI Amber (50,000 DWT, built 2012, Hyundai Mipo) sold for $33.9 million. His value is estimated at 33.86 million dollars.

-The MR1 Dictator (34,700 DWT, built 2019, Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding) sold for $29.20 million. His value is estimated at 29.68 million dollars.


Values ​​of used containerships continued to decline last week. Specifically, 20-year panamax, sub panamax and handy decreased more, 0.9% on average.

– The Panamax Polonia (3,091 TEU, built 2003, Stocznia Szczecin Nowa) was sold to MSC for $15 million, including charter until 2024. Its value is estimated at $8.4 million.

How the VV indices moved

During the past week, her indicators VesselsValue proceeded as follows:

  • The index of bulkers reinforced by 0.27% and closed at 291.43 units.
  • The index of tankers recorded a drop by 0.03% and closed at 495.70 units.
  • The index of containers fell by 0.27% and was formed at 7,694.47 units.
  • The index of of LPG carriers reinforced by 0.78% at 1,028.81 units.

What are the indicators of VV?

THE VesselsValue, belonging to the group Veson Nautical, has a rich database and determines the purchase price of each ship, calculating its value based on its capacity for each year of its construction.

Then, the average is obtained from these elements and the index of each branch is formed. The purpose of the VV indices is to capture the general picture of the buying and selling of ships in the global shipping market.

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