Feet – The right care steps

Feet – The right care steps
Feet – The right care steps

Your morning and night skincare routine probably focuses on your face and hands. But what about walking? Although it is an area of ​​the body that is strained every day, most of the time, it is ignored, as reported by imommy.

And yet, like our whole body, they also have the same need for care in order to remain rested and well-groomed.

What we always do in the beginning

To properly care for your feet you should always start by washing your feet with warm water and soap. You can choose to do this during your daily shower paying special attention as you wash each leg.

Do not ignore any changes in your skin in the area in question (eg calluses, discoloration) and clean your feet thoroughly as they often collect dirt and bacteria more than any other part of our body.

As you begin foot skin care, it is very likely that you will encounter calluses, hard, dry, cracked or peeling skin, especially around your heels.

Exfoliation can be the most relaxing phase of a pedicure. Massage your feet and calves with a foot scrub while you bathe to slough off dead skin.

You can also use a pumice stone, a brush or an exfoliating device as long as you see that it does not cause irritation.
Moisturize the area, but…

After washing your feet and exfoliating, wash off any residue and apply a cream that will make the skin velvety.

However, avoid applying moisturizer between the toes as the skin there tends to be soft and sensitive anyway and increased moisture can lead to problems such as skin infections and fungus.

If the cream gets between your toes, use a towel to wipe them off. You can also use baby powder to absorb excess moisture from the skin, especially when you get out of the shower or if your feet sweat on hot summer days.
Get a pedicure

Rubbing the soles of your clean feet will not only relax you but can also improve circulation in the extremities.

To keep your cuticles moisturized, use a cream or lotion. Next, trim and file your nails as straight as possible to prevent them from turning inward.
Sun protection applies to the whole body

Given the known effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays from exposure to sunlight, sunscreen should be applied to the entire surface of exposed skin year-round.
Pay attention to the shoes

Tight or ill-fitting shoes can lead to calluses, blisters and other foot issues. Make sure you wear shoes that offer you comfort and adequate arch support for “longevity” of the joints and to avoid other, minor or more serious, health issues.

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