Shocking death of Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade – The shocking latest post

Shocking death of Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade – The shocking latest post
Shocking death of Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade – The shocking latest post

The Brazilian influencer and reality star Luana Andrade tragically passed away at the age of 29.

The young woman had gone to São Luiz Hospital in São Paulo on Monday to undergo a liposuction operation on her knee performed by a private surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Luana Andrade developed trouble breathing and went into cardiac arrest two hours after the operation, according to a hospital statement.

The surgeons abruptly stopped the procedure and performed tests on the patient which showed that she had suffered a blood clot.

He was then taken to the ICU, but died a short time later. Andrade’s official cause of death is pulmonary embolism, a sudden blockage of an artery.

Who was Luana Andrade?

The influencer rose to fame from her participation in the reality show “Power Couple Brasil 6” in 2022 with her businessman boyfriend João Hadad.

In April, he announced on social media that he had been hired as a stage assistant for the show Domingo Legal on SBT. She also modeled and had her own clothing brand.

Andrade was active on Instagram, where she often posted fitness and travel snaps for most of her 540,000 followers.

The shocking post before her death

Five days before her death, she uploaded moments from 2023 with the caption: “It’s not even over yet, and I feel so grateful for this time.”

Friends and followers are devastated by her death. “I’m broken and living my worst nightmare,” her partner João Hadad wrote on Instagram.

“A piece of me was lost. It is with great sadness and a lot of pain in my heart that I say goodbye to my Luana, my princess, my beautiful… I spent two years by your side and I have no words to express how happy I was… We built a beautiful story and lived our dreams intensely. You are more than a friend and you will always be a life partner my love.’

João Hadad also included a black and white photo of the two holding hands while walking by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Brazilian soccer star Neymar also mourned Andrade’s untimely death on social media.

“Sad day, with two very bad news. First there was the attack on Bru’s (Bruna Biancardi) parents, but thank God everyone is safe! Second, the death of a friend. My condolences to the entire family, may God welcome Luana with open arms.”

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