Predictions for today, Friday, November 10, 2023

Predictions for today, Friday, November 10, 2023
Predictions for today, Friday, November 10, 2023

How will your Friday be? What does the zodiac sign and horoscope predict for today, according to astrologer Litsa Petridis?


Mercury moves into your spirit sector today for a three-week stay, supporting flowing communications and movement. It is a wonderful transit to inspire enthusiasm and increased faith. This cycle stimulates your curiosity and desire to learn new things or expand your knowledge. There can be a clearing of the air that frees your mind. Publishing, reaching a wider audience, promotional activities and new views and perspectives challenge you in all the right ways.


Mercury moves into your intimacy sector today, and over the next three weeks you’ll be reading between the lines more often. It’s time to bring more logic and objectivity to topics that are sensitive, intimate or taboo. You have a stronger focus on the inner world and close relationships during this cycle. You are actually interested in making changes within yourself that will affect the way you approach life. It’s a good time to understand some of your habits, tendencies and reactions.



Mercury moves into your opposite sign today and will remain there until December 1st. This transit focuses your thoughts on your social and love life. However, you should know how to attract someone who stimulates you spiritually. Partnerships, negotiations, compromise and balance are key themes in your life. It is a powerful period for discussions with your partner or a special friend. You are in a good position to enhance, repair, improve and make connections.


Mercury enters your work and health sector today and will remain there until December 1st. You pay close attention to details and feel able to deal with problems. During this cycle you learn, improve skills and discuss issues at work and in your health. You commit to the organization for the next 3 weeks. Use this period to arrange various details of everyday life that concern you. However, don’t forget that there is a bigger picture. If you only focus on the little ones, you will be overwhelmed with stress.


From today until December 1st, Mercury transits your solar 5th house. In the next 3 weeks you will enjoy a smooth, more natural communication with those around you. Your ideas are more well received and there are many who admire your intelligence. You seek fun forms of mental stimulation and are attracted almost exclusively to those people who are compatible with you on an intellectual level. You focus on self-expression, creativity and your hobbies. Today, however, you have to deal with a disapproving person or a piece of news that spoils your mood a bit.


The planet of communication and your planetary ruler, Mercury, heads into your home and family sector today. This transit, which will last until December 1st, brings a livelier, more communicative everyday life to the home. You think about long-term security and projects that have the potential to pay you back in the years to come. With the Mercury-Saturn square early today, a little disapproval is likely to hold you back. Although this is frustrating, handle it constructively so that it can move you forward.


Mercury moves into your communication sector today. The cycle that follows and lasts until December 1st is good for socializing and expressing yourself. Although it is not the best time to focus on a specific subject, you can learn many different things and expand your interests or relationships. It will be a pleasantly busy time for you, although you may feel a little nervous at times. You have to take breaks. Otherwise you will burn…


Mercury leaves your sign and moves into your resource sector where it will remain until December 1st. During this cycle, you use your talents in such a way as to increase your resources. Rational, logical Mercury can help you look at your finances differently and stimulate new ideas about earning or saving money. Today’s communication style is somewhat subdued.


Mercury moves into your sign from today and will remain here until December 1st. You’ve been pretty closed off lately, and while that’s generally going to continue for a while, today you seem to be more communicative with others and present to what’s going on around you. The new movement of Mercury is responsible for this. This transit positions you well to express yourself properly and… effectively. She is also great for gaining allies. You might be a little nervous at times, but that’s because you’re finally making executive decisions. Today’s actions may be mentally stressful, but this is temporary.


Mercury heads into your private sector today, where it will remain until December 1st. This transit makes you more introverted. You evaluate your life from a different perspective, recognizing the different levels in every situation. You are more sensitive in your conversations now, but also quite a bit more receptive mentally. It would be good to spend more time alone, get lost in your thoughts and work in relative solitude. Today thanks to the strong Mercury-Saturn square in the first half of the day, it is easier to see the negatives of a situation.


The planet of communication, Mercury, heads into your solar 11th house today and will remain in this social sector of your chart until December 1st. Mercury brings good energy and helps you communicate better with your friends. It also helps you share your ideas and experiences with others. In the near future, there will be remarkable conversations, which are sparked through networking.


For the next 3 weeks, Mercury will be in your solar 10th house. With Mercury at the top of your solar chart, your communications seem to count more and people listen to you more. Communication also improves in the professional area. This transit causes increased mental activity. Your thoughts mainly concern your social position, your career and the responsibilities you have to carry out. Now you are willing to plan everything in your daily life.


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