Who was Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian who is honored today?

Who was Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian who is honored today?
Who was Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian who is honored today?

A newer form of the Orthodox Church, his memory is celebrated on November 10. This day is celebrated by those who bear the name Arsenius and Arsenia.

Arsenios was born in 1840 in Farasa, Cappadocia and was educated in Nigdis. At the age of 26 he became a monk and was later ordained a deacon and elder and was given the office of archimandrite.

When he returned to his homeland, he prepared a room for school, which instead of desks had sheep skins. Kneeling on the skins, the children attended the lessons and in this wise way did not irritate the Turks, who thought they were praying.

When sick people were brought to him, to read them, he never examined whether the sick person is a Christian or a Muslim, but from what disease he suffers, in order to find the corresponding wish.

He had translated many passages of the Gospel into the local dialect, while in the Church he read the Gospel first in Greek, then in Pharisaic and then in Turkish.

He had intuited, years ago, that they would one day leave for Greece, and he told the Farasians to save up for the road. He first baptized all the unbaptized children, among them the little Arsenios Eznepidis, the later famous elder Paisios.

The flight of the Pharasians to Greece took place on August 14, 1924, within the framework of the Greek-Turkish agreement for the exchange of populations. They celebrated Panagia’s Day in the first village they stopped at, Anchiavoudes (Yach-Gyali). From there, Arsenios returned to Farasa again, to remove the holy relic of Saint John Chrysostom from the Holy Altar of the Church of Saints Varachisios and Ionas.

Arsenios had said many times to his flock that “in Greece I will live only forty days”. As long as he lived. On November 10, 1924, he fell asleep in Corfu and on February 11, 1986, the Orthodox Church canonized him as a saint, due to his gift of working miracles.


The life of the Faithful, at the end of time, Father Arsenius, filled with the gifts of the divine Spirit, and wondrous event, God-bearing author, grant to each one of us, God-sponsored, your petitions to the Lord.

Bion entheon, well-born, honest vessel of the Paraclete, be exalted, God-bearing Arsenius, and possessing the grace of miracles, you always provide quick help, Father Osie Christ the God begged, bestow upon us the great mercy.

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