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“I’m happy to come back with a goal in a game like this”

“I’m happy to come back with a goal in a game like this”
“I’m happy to come back with a goal in a game like this”

Aris football player Alexander Kokorin made statements to Cytavision after the end of the match against Betis, where his team was defeated 4-1.

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News today:

They want to put an end to the “caging” of real estate with a faster issuance of property titles – Who will be at risk with a “bell” of 10,000 euros

These Plans will be “run” by the AND in 2024 – What are the costs and how many will benefit

EAC substations were targeted: They stole copper and objects worth more than 30 thousand – 39-year-old handcuffed

“Hunting” mushrooms: The mistakes we make when collecting and the myths – Which ones are dangerous in Cyprus – An expert answers to “T”

Explosion outside a store in Nicosia – A fire broke out and the entrance was destroyed – Damage to vehicles

Murder of Kalogeropoulos: Accomplice of the 22-year-old arrested – One more person wanted

The developments regarding the case of the murder of Athanasios Kalogeropoulos, committed on October 30, 2023, in Limassol, are fast-paced, with the Police moving closer and closer to solving the crime.

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