Georgiadis-Statement about Tempi: “I know what I said and for what I apologized” – Politics

Georgiadis-Statement about Tempi: “I know what I said and for what I apologized” – Politics
Georgiadis-Statement about Tempi: “I know what I said and for what I apologized” – Politics

For statements about Tempe which caused strong reactions, with the opposition still calling for his dismissal, the Minister of Labor spoke in a televised interview, Adonis Georgiades.

“I know what I said and what I have apologized for. GI apologized to the relatives of the victims that my statement as expressed allowed my political opponents to make this distortion. On the contrary, the journalist who asked me the question and who received the answer from me, himself came out and said that “Mr. Georgiadis did not say what you say”. I did not apologize for the statement per se” he told MEGA and the show “Society Hour MEGA”.

As Mr. Georgiadis pointed out: “The statement as commented was “Adonis Georgiadis: The Greeks are not interested in Tempi”. Obviously, I have never said such a thing, nor could I say it. The question was “do you think it should be an examination or preliminary” and I answer that whether it will be an examination or preliminary is not what mainly concerns the Greeks. Not that the Tempe accident does not concern the Greeks, but the parties’ disagreements over the process do not concern the Greeks».

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For the “yes” to the KKE’s proposal for an examination for TempiMr. Georgiadis underlined: “Yesterday, the ND said that it supports the KKE’s proposal for an examination. Until the evening, PASOK said no, badly, this is a cover-up. Do you, Mrs. Voulgari, who showed great sensitivity yesterday, believe that in order to find the truth of what happened in Tempi, in order to really punish those responsible, in order to give justice, as much as they can, to these innocent victims who perished so unjustly, it makes sense just the parties fighting over the process? Do you think that is the major thing?’and added:

“All Greeks know the truth and we must find this truth and let everything come to light. As to what actually happened and the responsibilities, the criminal ones, there is an ongoing judicial investigation. Regarding the accident conditions in Greece and the safety of the railways, I also believe that the proposal of the KKE makes sense because it says to go and see what has gone wrong all these years. That makes sense, that’s why I’m voting for this test».

“ND wants the case to be fully clarified”

He points out that: “However, as for me or other ND MPs starting to fight in Parliament with SYRIZA and PASOK MPs, this, in my opinion, neither concerns the Greeks nor is it going to offer anything towards the truth. The decision that we vote for the exam was made beforehand. The matter arose after the proposal of the KKE to conduct the investigation. Many times in the past, Mitsotakis himself has stated that he will use every parliamentary means to clarify this tragedy. ND does not want to cover up this case, nor does it have any reason to cover up anything.”.

Continuing his post, he attacked SYRIZA, saying the whole thing was started by a troll who misinterpreted his statement.

“I apologize because I said that my experience in the media should have protected me at that second and to think that my political opponents would be able to twist it. All the commotion happened from the evening, not from the time of my statement, when a SYRIZA troll took out a card saying “Adonis Georgiadis: The Greek people are not interested in Tempi”. And then as soon as this card came out, there was all this fuss, except what they said, I had never said. It was very clear what I said”.

In closing, the minister noted that the government wants the case to be fully clarified. “No one from ND has said even once that because we got 41% all the accounts have been closed and don’t bother us again. What we are saying is that we have not made a contract with any of our fellow citizens who voted for us yesterday, to vote for us tomorrow as well and the percentage we got is a very big trust in us, therefore a very big responsibility to solve the problems of fellow citizens as much as we can.

“In Democracies there are two kinds of responsibilities, Mr. Pretenderis said yesterday in the MEGA news bulletin, very nicely. One level of responsibilities is what we call civil responsibilities and the other is criminal responsibilities. As for political responsibilities, in Democracies, these are resolved in elections. The political responsibilities, indeed, as Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, any were solved in the elections. As for any criminal liability for any matter, these are resolved by the Court and they have nothing to do with the election.

»ND has said from the beginning that it respects the Constitution and the laws and wants, especially the case of Tempe, which is the most painful of all, to be clarified to the end without the slightest shadow remaining. The procedures will be followed in full”concluded Mr. Georgiadis.

The article is in Greek

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