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Shopping minute by minute – Economic Postman

  • 08:11
    For the first three trading days, the daily fluctuation limit of the share price will be free
  • 08:08
    The share will be traded under the symbol TRESTATES and the opening share price of 1.92 euros
  • 08:07
    We remind you that the Trade Estates share is “ringing a bell” today, after the extension it had received for the listing day
  • 08:06
    While only 4 million euros were spent on packages of pre-agreed transactions in PEIR, ETE, ALFA, BELA ADMIE and OPAP
  • 08:05
    Otherwise, the signs on the board were weighted, with 51 bullish, 51 bearish and 59 unchanged
  • 08:04
    At the same time that OTE was announcing the approval of the cancellation of 8245534 own shares that the Company has acquired within the framework of the approved program of acquisition of own shares with the purpose of their cancellation, with a corresponding reduction of its share capital
  • 08:03
    At the opposite end again is ELLAKTOR with +6.7% after the management’s confirmations for the official sale of AKTOR and the rumor that an extraordinary dividend will be activated in the form of a return of capital
  • 08:02
    We also saw a negative picture from MOH -3.53% and 2.5 million euros. PEIR also disappointed with losses of 2.38% and 10 million euros
  • 08:02
    And when you consider that it involved 1/8 of the total turnover, it follows that his bad behavior dragged the whole board lower
  • 08:01
    Mainly responsible for index heavy OTE, which did not absorb its strong seller, losing 5.22% with a high turnover of 11.5 million euros
  • 08:00
    Our Index ended near daily lows with losses of 0.75%
  • 08:00
    In Athens, the General Index did not follow the European markets, which yesterday closed at the highs of the day with gains of 1.21% for the Eurostoxx50
  • 07:58
    Asia posted losses in the last session of the week, with the NIKKEI down -0.3% but absorbing initial losses of -1.19%. Hang Seng down -1.66%
  • 07:58
    With buyers, btc continues with a view to halving in the Spring of 2024, now at 36700 dollars. At new highs for the year and the 200th CMC at 773 units
  • 07:56
    While natural gas also tamped down again to 3 dollars per million thermal units (Henry Hub)
  • 07:55
    The price of crude remained at the low levels of the week, around 76 dollars per barrel in CME. Brent at 80.3
  • 07:54
    At the same time that the US dollar gained ground, with the Index at 105.8 points and the euro rate at 1.067
  • 07:54
    In the bond market, sellers prevailed. The US 10-year yield rose to 4.63%
  • 07:53
    While the VIX Risk Index didn’t do much with small gains and marginally above 15 points
  • 07:53
    The New York General Index closed at -0.76% in moderate trading activity
  • 07:52
    Indicative, S&P500 -0.81%, Dow30 -0.65% and NQ100 -0.94%
  • 07:52
    Major U.S. stock indexes in large-cap and small-cap closed at intraday lows, in negative territory
  • 07:50
    Wall Street moved weakly in yesterday’s session, with government bond yields regaining ground after a few days of decompression

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