Jew lit the fire of the Holocaust – How the Nazis used the murder of their diplomat to unleash their merciless persecution


The Holocaust it basically started a night like today. Jew lit the fire that consumed millions of his compatriots from the inhumane persecutions of Nazi.

On November 7, 1938the Nazi German Diplomat Ernst von Rath was shot dead by the Jew Herschel Greenspan; it was the occasion that the Nazis were looking for and they immediately took advantage of it to provoke the pogrom against the Jews, which went down in history as the Kristallnacht.

Ernst von Rath was an official of the German embassy in Paris and his killer, a 17-year-old Polish Jew, Hersel Greenspan. Why did he kill the German? The Berlin authorities had deported thousands of Jews with Polish citizenship residing in Germany. Greenspan had been informed that his parents – residents of Germany since 1911 – were among those who left their homes. The deported Jews were confined to a refugee camp. Greenspan, who was residing (illegally) in Paris, went to the German embassy and, irritated that his protests were not being heard, shot the diplomatic officer who was talking to him at the time.

The spark that lit the fuse

The Nazis had the reason they were looking for to strike. His infamous Minister of Propaganda Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, the main instigator of the pogrom, speaking to party officials, “showed” the target by blaming “World Zionism” for the diplomat’s murder; he hypocritically clarified, however, that: “The Führer decided that the demonstrations should not proceed or be organized by the Party, but – if they break out spontaneously – they should not be prevented.” Goebbels’ speech was… (mis)interpreted as an order for violence to break out.

On the night of November 9-10, 1938, the Holocaust actually began! That night would go down in history as “Crystal Night”, from the broken glass of the damaged windows and facades that filled the streets of the Jewish quarters. The Nazis damaged 267 synagogues across Germany (others say 1,574), Austria, and the Sudetenland, and several of them were set ablaze as their men watched. Fire departmentwho had orders to intervene only to prevent fires from spreading to neighboring buildings.

Members of Assault Battalions (SA) and the Hitler Youth smashed the windows of approximately 7,500 Jewish businesses and looted them. Jewish cemeteries were also desecrated. Dozens (or even hundreds) of Jews (ranging from 36 to 200) died that night, while tens of thousands more were arrested and sent to concentration camps; primarily in Dachauin Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen.

The next daysGerman officials declared that Kristallnacht was a spontaneous outburst of popular sentiment over the assassination of Ernst vom Rath.

The mysterious killer…

For History to also record what happened to Ernst von Rath’s assassin, who inadvertently (?) caused Kristallnacht: after the surrender of France to the Nazis in the summer of 1940, the Gestapo, which was searching for Herschel Greenspan, tracked him down and arrested him; there are reports that he was taken to Germany, where he was lost. It is said by many that Greenspan did not survive the Holocaust, but some argue, presenting evidence (photo), that he lived several years after the Nazis capitulated. No one can describe with absolute certainty what happened to the “moral author” of Kristallnacht.

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