Shocking video: Death lurks in LEA

Shocking video: Death lurks in LEA
Shocking video: Death lurks in LEA

Anything can happen at any time on the roads. And luck always plays its part.

What could go wrong on a major US highway in Northern Virginia in a simple a police officer checks a stopped car?

This is a common image among the thousands recorded daily on the streets. The offending car, a BMW 7 Series, is stopped on the right and the officer has approached it to to check the driver’s papers.

Everything seems to run smoothly in the sparse morning traffic. And nothing foretells what is to come.

Things are now developing at “cinematic speed”. From the opposite stream a car running at high speed has lost control.

It is a – what a coincidence! – BMW M3 driven by a 17-year-old with two of his friends as passengers.

It speeds through the median (in the US many freeways have no barriers but a large embankment) and he’s speeding away towards the police officer and the stopped car.

Conflict is inevitable and extremely fierce. The policeman barely realizes what is about to happen and starts running. But he doesn’t have time to take a few steps and the collision comes.

The incident it is shocking not only for the intensity of the conflict but also for the speed with which it is developing. Finally the policeman succeeds in a “magical” way not to be carried away by the sheets and to escape without injury.

The other two drivers in the cars as well as the passengers got her out without serious injury. The 17-year-old driver of the M3 was charged with reckless driving and will face a heavy fine.

As a moral? Everything and everywhere can happen on a roadand you never know where evil might come from.

So it would be good to be careful and be as little as possible exposed to them risks (especially those who stop at the LEA) because the “bad moment” lurks at any moment.

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