God did you say? Why are even the two leading monotheistic religions fanatically divided?


Where is the God; at religions maybe; Probably not. The two leading monotheistic religions, Christianity and Islamism they are fanatically divided. After all, death and blood are compatible with the Creator, or only with those who created the religions?

Each religion it has a bloody history of soiling its sanctity. The Islam it was spread with a knife and a knife throughout the Africa and Asia and in modern times many young Muslims have been motivated to kill “infidels”, often at the cost of their own lives.

The past and the present of Christianity is equally violent. Catholics and Protestants have been murdering each other since Martin Luther challenged the authority of the Pope, and the carnage has continued in the recent History in places like North Ireland. Who is responsible for all this? “Man” is the answer!

Political views of the Greek historian Polyviou, was the yeast for the framers of the US Constitution. Great was Polybius, who had written about the following: Men are always fickle, with their minds loaded with illegal desires And there is only one way to restrain them: the display of terrible images and the telling of terrifying myths. For this reason, I believe that the ancients – not mistakenly or irrationally – implanted the beliefs about the gods, and the belief about the punishment in Hades. Those who today are trying to eradicate those beliefs are making a mistake and being irrational.”

If there was no God, we would have to invent him

Polybius lived 120 years before he was born Christ and those beliefs to which it refers (in a different form but with exactly the same force and meaning) have reached our days. “And if God still did not exist, we would have to invent him,” Voltaire; and how right he was!

And the Twelver was replaced from Christianity and after 700 years from the coming of the Messiah to Earth Islam also arose. And because people made their religions and rules according to their needs, there was no lack of quarrels and dichotomies and passions and wars about whether God is one, three or has one nature Christ or from The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father or from the Son…

And besides the master the bread, the people were killed and for their Gods the… antigift and they are still being killed.
And the paradox is – and we will deal with this today – that the Islamists fight the Christians with deeds and words, but the Islamists join them and the Christians do the same? What God wants that? The Devil you said? This last one is always the best excuse to exonerate God; Freud wrote it and I stole it… So let’s start with Islam.

Shiites and Sunnis in the trenches

Islam is a monotheistic religion. The apostle of God Muhammad, introduced himself as the interpreter of the moral monotheism of Abraham and the “perfect religion among all religions”, as the Mohammedans believe. But they also have their… imperfections.
The death of the prophet Muhammad, a bitter succession dispute ensued. On one side were those who believed that the leadership of the Islamic community should be limited to the family and bloodline of Muhammad and on the other were those who believed that leadership should be open to whomever the Muslim community chose. As if religion was something like SYRIZA…

The former were the minority, and rallied around Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, Ali, and became known as the Shiites, or faction, of Ali. The others, the majority, became known as Sunnis. The factional strife, though smoldering, could have been extinguished within a generation or two, however, an assassination threw the best fuel for such fires: hatred and passion and led to an unstoppable, relentless, violent and brutal division that lasts until today.

Muslims chose the first three Caliphs, or successors of the Prophet, those outside Muhammad’s family, bypassing Ali each time. And after the assassination of the third Caliph, Ali was elected. His predecessor’s relatives claimed that Ali was involved in the assassination and plotted the election of a rival Caliph, Moab. The opposing Caliphs took up arms and took to the battlefield, but before blood could flow profusely, Ali “surrendered.” And some abandoned him, believing that the Caliphate was not the collective property of the Muslim community and that Ali had no authority to decide who would become the Caliph. And what happens in similar cases? The speech and the work are the fanatics! It was then that the anarchists of the first centuries of Islam, the Charismatics, emerged from the armed bloody conflicts, who provided a solution immediately and overwhelmingly: they murdered Ali. And from then on the havoc and carnage begins. And those Charizans, are the model of the extreme Muslims who are recruited by the Al Qaedahim ISIS the Hamas and and and…

And since then we’ve had rivals co-religious factions: Shiites, Sunnis, Alevis, Sufis and so on and so forth.
The Shiites are one of the two main branches of Islam and are the followers of Ali and the other branch the Sunnis are the traditionalists, the “orthodox” who emphasize the sunna (tradition) of the prophet Muhammad. And blood drowns their religion and their God.

Tell me what kind of Christian you are and I’ll tell you how many you killed…

Not that Christians are going backwards… Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ, it is a monotheistic religion, these things are known, and it is “subdivided” into OrthodoxCatholics, Protestants: Lutherans – Calvinists, Anglicans, Jehovah’s Witnesses and time and space to write…

The two main rivals– let’s call them that abusively – they are the Orthodox and the Catholics. What separates them? Many!
The Schism of the Two Churches (1054) arose due to a mixture of religious and political disagreements, including geography, miscommunication, different theologies, and politics. The two Churches disagreed over who held ultimate authority in the churches. On the one hand the Pope and on the other the Patriarch.

The biggest difference between the two Churches concerns the infallibility and primacy of the Pope. The Orthodox believe that only the Holy Apostles had this Primacy (the apostolic authority of the Bishop of Rome, over the rest of the churches, Latin and Eastern, that make up the Roman Catholic Church), because they were enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

In Orthodoxy, the Creed states that the Holy Spirit proceeds only from the Father: “And in the Spirit the holy, the principal, the life-giving, the one proceeding from the Father…”. The Catholics, in their “I believe” have added that the Holy Spirit also proceeds from the Son: “Et in Spiritum Sanctum, Dominum et vivificantem: qui ex Patre Filioque procedit…”; it is the famous Filioque.

The doctrine of unconcealed conception of the Virgin: Orthodoxy believes that the Virgin was born with original sin and was absolved at the Annunciation. The Catholic Church believes that he was born without the guilt of original sin.
Assumption of Mary: Orthodoxy believes that the Mother of God died and then ascended to heaven. The Catholic Church believes that he transmigrated without dying.
And let’s not get into technical details (devotional differences) because we will get tired.

“God will recognize his own”

Wars between Christians? Countless, with thousands… What thousands? Millions “crucified” on the battlefields, in the fires and not only.

Wars of Religion in France and Catholics vs. Protestant Huguenots (Huguenots) were members of the Protestant Reformed Church of France during the 16th to 18th centuries, also known as French Calvinists). Blood and pain. It is said that during the massacres that lasted nearly 40 years, the slogan was heard: “Kill them all! God will recognize his own.” God would struggle to pick out “his own” among 4 million slaughtered corpses. God is, but he will succeed…

Thirty Years War: Catholics vs. Protestants in the 17th century in what is now Germany.
The religious strife in Britain, many, which last until today. And there are the dead thousands on the wheels…
The sham Fourth Crusade under the auspices of the Pope which, while marching towards Jerusalem, changed course and leveled Orthodox Constantinople. And all this why? Because fanaticism and obscurantism are identical concepts and war is the result of fanaticism and obscenity.

Religions are one of the most complex and enigmatic institutions established (let’s not laugh) by humans. Religions evangelize and preach love and peace on the one hand, but are vehicles of hatred and violence on the other. How is this possible? Maybe because God is people after all, but they haven’t figured it out yet…

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