The trial for the deaths of Malena & Iris begins

The trial for the deaths of Malena & Iris begins
The trial for the deaths of Malena & Iris begins

“Rally” between the halls of the Mixed Jury Court is called to do the Rula Pispirigou, who is currently sitting in the dock for the deaths of Malena and Iris Daskalaki’s two youngest children.

THE Rula Pispirigou she should also be at her trial for the death of her daughter Georgina at the same time, as the court has set a hearing for this morning. Of course, because the trial concerning the death of 9-year-old Georgina is in the final stretch, it is expected that a break will be given to the second trial which will complete the big picture of the complex story.

A few hours before the curtain opened on the trial of the death of his other two children, Manos Daskalakis made his mark by declaring his intention to stand as a defense, but without the lawyers who represent him in Georgina’s case. According to a statement issued by the lawyers of Dimitris Georgakopoulos and Dimitris Karampelas, their presence will be limited to the first trial which is nearing completion, while Manos Daskalakis requested the provision of legal assistance for the second trial, since he is unable due to his financial situation to retain his lawyers .

It is recalled that Roula Pispirigou was referred in the summer to a trial for intentional homicide in a calm state of mind for the death of her children. The judicial council had adopted the conclusion of medical examiners Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrias who found the cause of death of the two children to be the suffocation mechanism, which is “confirmed by abrasions on the lower back and an impression on the right cheek during the postmortem examination of Malena Daskalakis during the review of the photographs”, but also the “injuries to the oral mucosa caused while alive” /above the lip of the mouth during the post-mortem examination of Iris Daskalakis and the review of the photographs in combination with the found cloth which contained a sufficient amount of blood”.

Regarding Malena’s death, the judges note that the statements of the hospital staff show that the doctors were notified by the 34-year-old when the child was not alive. “From the affidavits of the doctor Nikita Maria and the nurses K. Constantou and Agg. Papageorgopoulou, at around 17:15 on 13-4-2019, Malena was pulseless, apneic, with mydriasis and her extremities were not warm. Correspondingly, from the 16 and 19-5-2022 sworn statements of doctor K. Giuvas, about 8-10 minutes later, he found that the child was pulseless, apneic, without blood pressure, pupils in mydriasis without a photokinetic reflex, pale to blue skin and with relatively cold extremities, i.e. dead’.

In fact, in the will it is pointed out that according to the nurse K. Constantou, when she entered Malena’s ward an hour earlier, that is at 4:10 p.m., she noticed that she was breathing normally, while doctor K. Tziouvas claimed that “during the resuscitation of the child and from him, for a total duration of about 45 minutes, hypostasis began to appear in the child’s body”, which allegedly indicates that some time had passed since the child was dead. “The hacks on the nose and the imprint on the child’s cheek were not post-mortem, but pre-mortem” the judges are reported to have explained, ruling out the possibility that they were caused during the resuscitation attempt.

In the case of the infant of the Daskalaki family, special attention was reportedly given weight in the testimony of Dimitra Pispirigou, sister of the accused, who was with her at home and found that little Iris was frozen. “In her affidavit, the infant’s aunt testified that around 11:30 on 21-3-2021 when she grabbed the infant’s hand it was cold, as was his leg, but his cheeks were warm. The father of the infant, Manos Daskalakis, about 5 minutes later, grabbing one of the infant’s legs below the knee, found that it was frozen,” the will states, with the judges adding that EKAV doctors and rescuers testified that when they received the infant at 11:42 a.m. , “he was pulseless, apneic, had mydriasis in the eyes and cold skin.”

Roula Pispirigou: When did he apologize for Georgina

In the meantime, immunology professor Carola Vinueza completed her testimony yesterday, who reiterated that she considers it unlikely that Georgina Daskalaki’s death was due to ketamine since, as she pointed out, this substance “even in an overdose 100 times greater cannot cause death”. .

At today’s meeting, the lawyer of the accused Alexis Kougias is expected to submit a series of requests to the court, the satisfaction or otherwise of which will also determine the date of the 34-year-old’s apology.

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