Recruitment to the Judicial Police: To date, the sending of supporting documents for the 500 positions

Recruitment to the Judicial Police: To date, the sending of supporting documents for the 500 positions
Recruitment to the Judicial Police: To date, the sending of supporting documents for the 500 positions

Judicial Police: Last day for papers at the Ministry of Justice

Until today Friday, November 10, 2023 will be accepted the sending of supporting documents for the recruitment of 500 first judicial police officers in her uniform department Judicial Policein order to draw up the temporary ranking tables, rejectable and appointees of 1DA/2023.

More specifically, the Central Competition Committee of the Ministry of Justice invites the candidates included in the tables below to submit the required documents, as defined in Chapter E of the relevant announcement. It should be noted that the candidates who are invited to submit documents are those who, by category and branch, they precede to the ranking tables based on their overall score, according to the data declared in their online application.

The distribution of places by education level is as follows:

  • In positions political staff will be selected 170 employees of PE and TE categories. From them, 31 TE positions will be filled by the successful candidates of the panhellenic written competition.
  • In positions police personnel will be selected 630 employees of the PE, TE, DE categories.

The positions of the PE, TE and DE branches of the Judicial Police have as object:

  1. The service of pleadings and procedural documents
  2. The execution of the decisions of the criminal courts
  3. The orderliness of court sessions and the guarding of court offices

The supporting documents must be accompanied by:

  1. The application for the submission of supporting documents (Appendix C, p. 95 of the notice), completed, signed and considered with the original signature and in which all supporting documents submitted by the candidate will be detailed and
  2. The printed form of the electronic application ASEP, signedin which the protocol number received during its electronic submission should be indicated.
  3. To prove the experience, the candidates provide, in addition to those mentioned in the relevant announcement (Ch. E3, pp. 49-52) and Responsible Declaration in which the duration and type of experience must be stated, precisely, as well as the details of the employer, natural person or the name of the business if it is a legal entity (attached model).

Candidates should send the required supporting documents in an A4 size envelope and in hard copy. The shipment should be made by registered letter to the postal address:

Ministry of Justice
Central Competition Committee
Application for Announcement 1DA/2023
Mediterranean 96
P.C. 115 27, Athens
Category PE or TE or DE

It is clarified that, in accordance with the relevant recommendation of the Personal Data Protection Officer, candidates appear only with the candidate registration number, which is indicated in their online application.

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