Who is celebrating November 10 today?

Who is celebrating November 10 today?
Who is celebrating November 10 today?

Today is Friday November 10 and according to the calendar, those with the name: Arsenios, Arsenis, Arsenia, Arsina, Arsinoe, Erastos, Erastis, Lover, Herodion, Rhodion, Herodias, Herodias, Rhodion, Rhodes, Rhodes, Rhodes, Herodion, Herodianus celebrate Rodia , Orioni.

Saint Arsenis the Cappadocian

Venerable Arsenios the Cappadocian was born around 1840 AD. in Farasa or Varasio, in Kefalochori of the six Christian villages of the Farasa region of Cappadocia. His parents were rich in virtues and modest in goods. They had two boys, Vlasios and Theodoros (Saint Arsenios).

They were orphaned from a young age and were protected by their aunt, their mother’s sister. A miraculous event that happened to the children and the miraculous rescue of the then little Theodoros by Saint George who saved him from certain drowning, had the result, for Vlasios, that he was given in his own way to God, glorifying him as his teacher of Byzantine Music and later ended up in Constantinople, for Theodoros to want to become a monk.

Then growing up, he was sent to Nigdis and then to Smyrna where he finished his studies.

At about the age of twenty-six he went to the Holy Flavian Monastery of the Holy Forerunner (Zinzi-Dere) where he later became a Monk and took the name Arsenios. Unfortunately, he did not enjoy his peace, because at that time there was a great need for teachers, and Metropolitan Paisios II ordained him a Deacon and sent him to Farasa to teach letters to the abandoned children. Of course, this was done in secret, with a thousand and two precautions, so that the Turks would not find out anything. In the thirtieth year of his age, he was ordained an elder in Caesarea with the title of Archimandrite and the blessing of Spiritual.

His spiritual activity began to grow larger and spread out. With the abundant Divine Grace bestowed upon him by God, he healed the souls and bodies of sick people. He had a lot of love for God and for His image, man and not for himself, because when he saw a lot of Turkish pain and oppression, love took him out of himself and out of his village and embraced the surrounding villages . He treated human suffering indiscriminately wherever he encountered it in Christians or Turks. For the Saint it was of no importance, because he saw in their faces, the lovingly forged image of God. Countless are the miracles accomplished by the Saint with the Grace of God. Barren women gave birth after he read them a wish or gave them a “talisman” which was a piece of paper written with some wishes that he wrote himself. He read the Holy Gospel in serious cases, such as to the blind, dumb, lame, paralytics, demon-possessed and they became well as soon as he finished reading. Many Christians and Turks had been healed, after taking soil from the threshold of his cell and mixing it with a little water they drank it, believing that they would be healed and their faith in the Saint, did the miracle. Of course, he never accepted money, nor did he hold it in his hands.

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