In a waiting position before the historic KE in SYRIZA

In a waiting position before the historic KE in SYRIZA
In a waiting position before the historic KE in SYRIZA

The meeting of the members of the Central Committee of SYRIZA-PS who subscribe to the Umbrella trend lasted until late on Thursday night. Here the opinion was recorded that they should not even make it to the KE of the weekend but leave the party this Friday.

Late in the afternoon, the meeting of the current of 6 plus 6 that has a reference to Efi Ahtsioglou took place. The participation was around 130 people. There was intense reflection on the course of the party and responsibility was attributed to the leadership for the belligerent climate and the political discredit of the whole area. The group is expected to express its disagreement with the Kasselakis strategy in a structured manner. They will file a composition proposal anyway and an override.

If the Umbrella is headed for the exit from Koumoundourou, the 6 plus 6 weigh it differently and consider at this stage that it is worth staying and fighting it within the party walls. With today’s data.

Historical KE

Be that as it may, Saturday’s KE will be historic but also quite representative of a whirlwind that has come to the Official Opposition after the electoral crash of May-June.

And the election of Kasselakis increased a kind of introversion and with a current that from the beginning did not see the new President positively but also considered that what he said about BSE, the toxic climate (attributed to him) but also the deep cultural rift that exists and that goes beyond the leadership’s intention to refer to the removal of four executives (Stefanos Tzoumakas, Nikos Filis, Panos Skourletis, Dimitris Vitsas).

And yesterday’s text of 1300 members and executives of the Umbrella climate who sign for a Left Exit – will not be the one that will be submitted to the KE tomorrow – looks like the capture of an anxiety but also a prelude to a new political search.

Peace interventions in a vacuum

In the current phase, it seems that the peace interventions by some executives such as Yiannis Dragasakis or Sokratis Famellos or the secretaries of the party Rania Svigou and Giorgos Vassiliadis did not count.

And the departure of Giorgos Stathakis, who is not registered with Umbrella but had channels with it, aggravated the whole climate and mainly for the shots he fired in his long article against the leadership and the new presidential team of Nikos Pappas-Pavlos Polakis.

The trends and currents count their units today although the KE leans in favor of Kasselakis while a series of new groups will set the tone for the meeting such as the platform of Dionysis Tebonera as well as those recorded in an intermediate space that remains in the space but and monitors step by step the entire development of events.

Surely from Monday we will talk about a new landscape.

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