Back in court for the death of Malena and Iris

Back in court for the death of Malena and Iris
Back in court for the death of Malena and Iris

The second trial of the 34-year-old accused from Patras for the death of Malena-Irida begins

While the countdown to the plea of ​​the 34-year-old from Patras for the murder of her first-born daughter Georgina has begun, the defendant sits again on the bench of the Mixed Jury Court for the murder of her other two children, Malena and Iris.

In the next room, from the one on trial for administering a fatal dose of ketamine to Georgina, her second trial will begin to account for the death of her other two children.

However, it is not excluded that this trial will be interrupted, on the one hand because her ex-husband due to financial problems will request the appointment of a new lawyer from Legal Aid to declare a representation in support of the charge, and on the other hand because her advocates will invoke the fact that the first trial has not been completed.

The medical examiner’s report on Malena-Irida

The conclusion of medical examiners Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrias, who concluded that the children’s death was due to suffocation, played a catalytic role in bringing the 34-year-old woman to trial.

“The combined exclusion of pathological causes of death leads, according to the methodology of the work, to the violent mechanism of death.

Given the exclusion of the effect of a mechanical, electrical or other factor, as well as poisoning, the diagnostic approach is directed towards the deprivation (suffocation) mechanism of death”, said the experienced medical examiners for the death of 3.5-year-old Malena and only 6-month-old Iris.

Specifically, for Malena who died in March 2019, the medical examiners spoke of a suffocation mechanism, which “is confirmed by abrasions on the groin and an impression on the right cheek during the post-mortem examination during the review of the photographs”.

For the only 6-month-old infant, Irida, who was found dead in her crib two years later, in March 2021, Karakoukis and Kalogreas concluded that there were “living lesions of the oral mucosa/upper lip of the mouth during her post-mortem examination. Iridas Daskalakis and the overview of the photographs in combination with the found cloth that carried a sufficient amount of blood”.

In her confession, the accused had denied that she murdered her children

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