Achaia: “Wild” weather from today – On alert for floods – When and where will it rain


Rainy weather is expected from today Friday 10/11/2023, in almost all regions of Western Greeces, with the forecast and the emergency weather report from the EMY stating that there will be no shortage of local storms accompanied by lightning and lightning.

Weather – Western Greece: Rain from Friday in Patra, Aegialia, Ilia and Aitoloakarnania

The expected phenomena have set on alert the services of the municipalities and the Region of Western Greece, since the amounts of rain that will fall are capable of causing problems in certain areas and that is why crews will be alert to intervene if necessary.

Based on experience from recent severe weather events, tonight’s expected rain amounts are capable of causing flooding, if this happens in a short period of time, like last Thursday, when about 30 millimeters of rain fell in half an hour.

Forecaster meteorologist Nikos Theodosopoulos analyzed the “Peloponnisos” the available prognostic data for Western Greece and noted that successive waves of rainfall are expected that will last from this afternoon until Monday at noon.

In Achaiastarting from Aegialia, from today around 18.00 to midnight it will drop 10-15 millimeters of rain and locally even 20. On Saturday no rain is expected and the winds will be southwesterly. On Sunday there will be clouds with short intervals of sunshine and 5-7 millimeters of rain, i.e. drizzle. However, on Monday, 10-20mm of rain is expected as the day changes from early morning to midday.

In Patrathe city will receive a triple wave of rain, but will also have periods of sunshine. Today from noon to the early evening hours, 20-25 mm of rain is expected and locally even 30 mm. Winds will blow southwest 3-4 Beaufort. On Saturdayo to midday sunny intervals are possible, but with SW winds 4-5 Beaufort. From Saturday afternoon we will have a total amount of rain of 15-20 millimeters, with more intense effects on the Rio side. On Sunday there will be an alternation of partly cloudy skies with periods of sunshine without rain. However, 10-15mm of rain is forecast from late Sunday night and Monday morning, but will stop by midday. If the forecast for the duration of the rainy periods is confirmed, then it is possible that no flooding phenomena will be observed in Patras, as the water drainage networks will be able to cope with the volume of water with the assistance of Civil Protection crews on alert.

From Tuesday northerly winds return and the weather will improve. But on the two days of November 17-18, a new wave of rainfall is expected.

Regarding the temperatures, with the predominance of northerly winds from the new week, a drop in temperature is expected in terms of minimum and maximum values. Specifically, from 24-25 degrees the maximum temperature value will drop to 21 and the minimum values ​​from 17-18 degrees will drop to 12-13 degrees Celsius.

More generally, according to the meteorologist’s estimates, November will have temperatures above normal values ​​by 4-5 degreeswhile the same happens with the temperature of the sea, which he characterizes as “unprecedented” as it reaches 24 degrees, i.e. 3-4 degrees above the normal values ​​for the season, which affects the microclimate as a whole.

In addition, the available data indicate, according to Mr. Theodosopoulos, that a warm winter is expected. “In the seasonal forecast for winter, it looks like it will be warmer overall in the December-February quarter. Obviously, however, there will also be isolated episodes of short duration with snowfall in the semi-mountainous and mountainous areas. This will happen in most of Europe, with the exception of north-western Europe,” he concluded.

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