Very expensive oranges and tangerines in the market with prices five times higher than in the field


At prices – «gold” are sold in buy oranges and tangerineswith their values ​​to is expectedin fact, yes increase still more the next period according with the estimates of the producers, due to, as they argue, high demand but also their lack at global level.

The remarkable thing is that, based on the data reported to by the president of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Argolis, Spyros Antonopoulosfor the prices of oranges and tangerines that producers ask traders for, it appears that they are four or even five times lower than what consumers are expected to pay in the market.

For his part, the president of the Consumer Protection Center (KEPKA), Nikos Tsemberlidesasks immediately intervention of the Competition Commissionsince, as he claims, there is a “game” going on in the marketwhich aims to intimidate consumers and increasing the prices of agricultural products with false argumentsas happened with the oil.

“Prices will rise even more”

Oranges and tangerines are sold by producers to traders and exporters a little more expensive than last year, according to Mr. Antonopoulos, however, their prices are expected to increase even more.

“Her early products Navalina orange variety we sell them today for 0.40-0.45 euros per kilo. Last year, their price started at 0.35 euros per kilo and followed downward trends. Mandarins of the clementine variety we sell them for 0.60-0.70 cents per kilo. This year the course of prices will be upward, because globally there is a shortage. In Brazil and the USA they face problems with the weather, while there is also a shortage in the countries of the Mediterranean basin. In Greece we have good production both qualitatively and quantitatively, most of which goes for export. However, there is production to meet domestic demand as well. I take for granted that the prices will be higher compared to last year and because of the great demand”, says Mr. Antonopoulos.

The “scissors” are very large compared to what consumers are asked to pay, since in supermarkets and grocery stores the prices are almost four times and in some cases even five times.

“We producers work for a living wage, so that we can live. With the prices we sell, we basically make a day’s salary. We are also consumers and we feel the accuracy. That is why we want no consumer to be deprived of products. If any other phenomena occur in the market, they should be checked by the competent bodies of the State. The primary sector should be supported, because otherwise Greece will be in serious danger in matters of nutrition”, says Mr. Antonopoulos to

“A game is being played at the expense of consumers”

Mr. Tsemberlidis speaks of a “game” that is ongoing in the market at the expense of consumers and aims to increase the prices of agricultural products, stressing that the Competition Commission must intervene, since the limits of the existing legislation are exceeded.

“This “game” with agricultural products should end with substantial intervention by the State and the Competition Commission. They come out and tell us that such and such product will get so much increase because there is a shortage. That’s what they did with oil, but the European Union said that for this year we expect more oil production than last year. So in no case are the higher prices justified. Now they are playing the same game as the oranges. They present false facts, to scare people and drive accuracy. With their various statements, they are preparing the world to raise prices, because, unfortunately, the consumer has no voice”, Mr. Tsemberlidis emphasizes to

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