The trial for the murder of Iris and Malena begins

The trial for the murder of Iris and Malena begins
The trial for the murder of Iris and Malena begins

Roula Pispirigou will sit on the bench of the Joint Assize Court, facing the charge of premeditated serial murder.

Facing manslaughter charges for her two youngest children, Malena and Iriswill be found Rula Pispirigouas it has been determined to begin the trial of the case before him Mixed Jury Court.

Roula Pispirigou is expected to attend the Court of First Instance of Athens early Thursday morning (09/11) to sit on the bench. A few hours after the start of the trial, it will start after an interruption and the first trial for Georgina’s murderwhere the testimony of the last witness before the apology is completed.

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However, during the first meeting the court is expected to deal with procedural issues and mainly with the inability of M. Daskalakis to come with his lawyers to support the charge. “He will be forced to seek the appointment of counsel to support the charge (which he has already pleaded at the arraignment stage) through the low-income legal aid process.” state in their statement the attorneys-at-law of the Dim. Georgakopoulos and Dim. Karabelas, who are participating in the trial for Georgina’s death.

As they explain, “this solution became a one-way street because, due to his exposure in the case, he had great difficulty finding work, which led him to very serious financial difficulties. We continue to provide him with our support and legal assistance, and of course we continue to represent him in the prosecution for Georgina’s death in the ongoing trial».

According to the category, Roula Pispirigou caused suffocation resulting in the death of 3.5 year old Malena, on April 13, 2019 at “Aglaia Kyriakou”while the girl was hospitalized after successful treatment of lymphadenitis.

Accordingly, two years later, on March 21, 2021, he allegedly murdered Iris, a six-month-old infant, in the room where she was sleeping. The will states among other things that “the mechanism of death in both investigated deaths is the same, so a specific modus operandi is erased.”

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