5 in the morning: Confrontation about Tempi – New face in the murder of Fai Bakoiorgou – The renewed BHIMA is coming

5 in the morning: Confrontation about Tempi – New face in the murder of Fai Bakoiorgou – The renewed BHIMA is coming
5 in the morning: Confrontation about Tempi – New face in the murder of Fai Bakoiorgou – The renewed BHIMA is coming


The controversy over the Tempe tragedy flared up

  • The Georgiadis fold: “I did not say that no one is interested in Tempi, as is falsely and fraudulently written, but that no one is interested in the Preliminary Investigation or the Investigation for Tempi”, said the Minister of Labor in an attempt to appease the reactions that had already been generated by the placement of. In fact, SYRIZA and PASOK had called on Kyriakos Mitsotakis to dismiss him from the Government, while his colleagues (Voridis, Kairidis) tried to justify him. “Only a person without a heart could have said something like that,” added Mr. Georgiadis who then went to the Parliament to defend himself.
  • The persistence of PaSoK: Regardless, of course, of the Georgiadis statement, Charilaou Trikoupis will fully support the proposal for the establishment of a preliminary investigation committee that has already been announced by the president, Nikos Androulakis. In fact, with its announcement, the faction attacked the KKE for the fact that it opposed the establishment of a commission of inquiry, considering that in this way the matter is downgraded and possible criminal responsibilities are covered up. “We do not give political figures an escape route”, concluded the text of PaSoK.
  • The answer from Perissos: In the KKE they were disturbed by what the PaSoK accused them of and in their own announcement they talked about a proposal that “seeks to find all the political and criminal responsibilities that led to the crime of Tempe”. They even hinted that in Harilaou Trikoupi they want the “burial of the investigation”, urging any party that wishes to submit its own independent request to Parliament, as the proposal for a commission of inquiry does not negate that for a preliminary investigation.


New revelations about the murder of Fai Bakoiorgou

  • Fourth person in the frame: In the case of the murder of the 23-year-old, it seems that a fourth person is involved, in addition to her mother, sister and landlady. It is a man of Albanian nationality, 42 years old, who is said to have been a partner of the housewife and possibly the man who, in a black jeep, transported the body of the 23-year-old. The 42-year-old is not yet included in the indictment.
  • What the mother was saying before the conception: Faye’s mother, who is accused of manslaughter, tried to divert the investigations around her. “My psychology is lost. That’s how I feel like freaking out. Nice, I find out who did all this or who. And; Did they get my child back? It will certainly be a justification, but for me it doesn’t change anything. It will always be in the dirt. I have been killed not once, but four times. Together with my Faye and her children” he said.
  • Three times in the hospital in one semester: As the police editor of the newspapers “To Vima” and “Ta Nea” Vassilis Lambropoulos revealed to MEGA, in December 2020, April and June 2021, Fai Bakoiorgou had gone to a large state hospital in Attica with fractures and injuries in face. However, the hospital did not inform the police.

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Double bad weather and “lailapa line”

  • Emergency report of deterioration from the EMY: The weather will worsen from noon today (10/11) until late Saturday night (11-11-23) with heavy rains and storms, which will be accompanied by hail and lightning. On Friday, the Ionian, Epirus, Sterea, Peloponnese, eastern Aegean and southern parts of Thessaly will be affected. On Saturday, northern Ionian, Epirus, western, central and eastern Macedonia, western Sterea, southern parts of Eastern Peloponnese, Kythira and Thrace.
  • Double bad weather: From today to Monday 13/11, the double bad weather will last, which will have the main characteristics of rains, storms and hail. The prevalence of southerly and westerly winds at intervals in the seas will reach 7 Beaufort and will cause big waves. The effects in the west and south-west will be strong in places.
  • What is a “slash line”: In the early hours of Saturday, a squall line appears to be forming towards the western and central Aegean, according to Klearchos Marousakis. Intense storms will fall in the Cyclades region and towards the eastern, southeastern Aegean. There the sea areas are quite warm and this combined with the cooler air that will interact from the higher layers of the atmosphere will create intense instability.


The renewed Vima is coming

  • Never: On Sunday, November 12, “BHIMA” is released renewed, steadily continuing to offer a complete reading experience with the most detailed depiction of the events. Serving new ideas, trends and all opinions, “BHIMA” constantly enriches its content and form, renews itself in its image and while remaining “classic” at the same time becomes more modern and modern.
  • The two important offers: In its complete edition, especially this Sunday, “BIMA” is released with two more important offers a) The collective edition of the new series of books “BIMA IN HISTORY” with the first volume “POLYTECHNIO 1973” for the 50th anniversary of student uprising that determined the socio-political scene of the Postcolonial period and b) the emblematic magazine “HOLIDAYS” which will now be published monthly with “BHIMA”. In this issue we travel to the most beautiful villages of mountainous Greece and pack our bags for the most exciting escapes.
  • The publisher Yannis Pretenderis for the renewed BIMA: “We are renewing and expanding. It is not a new “STEP”, because the big newspapers do not change and this is what characterizes them. Major newspapers are improving, renewing and adapting to the times. We closed a century of operation and decided to do this renewal for the second century” – The “Economic Postman” is also returning to the renewed BIMA.


Olympiacos fought in London, bad night in Europe

  • Unlucky Olympiacos: A narrow goal and the bar denied Martinez’s struggling side a positive result against West Ham. Paketa made the final 1-0 and now the red and whites are invited to play their rest in Germany in order to stay on course for the knockouts of the Europa League.
  • They found no wrenches: For the same tournament, both Panathinaikos and AEK failed to cope with the demands of the matches against Rennes and Marseille respectively. The “greens” failed in Brittany, losing 3-1, even though they had a numerical advantage in the 1-1 phase, while the Union wasted every chance they got, fell into individual errors and were punished with a home defeat by Olympique (0-2 ).
  • PAOK fell into the trap: Although Lucescu’s team fought back after the composure they received in the 2-2 final it did not allow them to reach 4/4. Of course, he sealed the qualification, he will just need to find a result in Germany in order not to lose the first place in his group in the Conference League.

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