The criticism of the Olympiakos players

The criticism of the Olympiakos players
The criticism of the Olympiakos players

LONDON, SHIPPING: Olympiacos was defeated in London by West Ham with a score of 1-0 in a game that they fought with all their might.


In the goal phase he couldn’t do anything, but he has put in an excellent performance. Whatever phase the English created stopped on him.


He has missed the chance in the 88′ when he got nicely into the West Ham area and shot with the left. He had a difficult task against demanding strikers.


He has won many duels, while he takes the header in the phase when Mandi Kamara had the post and Olympiacos equalized.


His placements were quite correct and he struggled a lot with Bowen whom he chased everywhere.


From a point on he had started to make easy mistakes. Somehow in the 73rd minute, he didn’t get caught, he covered Paquetas and West Ham made it 1-0. Overall, though, he’s had an excellent game.


He went close to equalizing but his header was stopped by West Ham’s left post. He too has put up plenty of battles in midfield to… intercept West Ham’s assets, but perhaps one issue he has had has been in his transfers.


He did his famous quiet work in the midfield. Serious match with correct placements and keeping the lines close. Very good match from the Argentine.


It has run a long way and covered spaces. He didn’t get much ball at his feet in the first half, but he has done enough with his runs that were necessary in such a demanding match.


He has fought many battles and even in the first part when his team was not playing aggressively, he was probably the only one fighting to get Olympiakos out of their half of the field. The phase that ended in Fabianski’s crossbar started from his own feet.


He has lost the opportunity of 35′ because he did not find the ball well to score. He tried to take initiatives, but in fact he did not give significant help to Olympiakos.


He was not able to threaten, but that is not his fault, since Olympiacos was more limited to a passive role. But he has fought many battles, pressed and won balls, while his contribution in the 35′ phase with Podense is important, after he pulled the defense on him with a nice move.

AS CHANGE passed into the game the Masouras, Scarpa and Biel after 1-0 but they couldn’t make the difference. THE El Kaabi came on in the 56th minute instead of Jovetic and was also not felt by the West Ham defence.

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