EICMA 2023: QJMOTOR SRK 800 RR & SRK 900 RR – Superbike triplet “born” by QJ together with SRK 1000 RC



Costa Gazi


On the one hand Japanese and Europeans usually have one big Superbike motorcycle in their range, on the other hand when QJMOTOR decides to deal with the issue, it “gives birth” to THREE different models, and makes everyone look…

Apart from the SRK 1000 RC which we wrote about HERE, at its stand in Milan QJMOTOR had the SRK 800 RR & 900 RR. All three motorcycles are equipped with four-cylinder in-line engines, but with different displacements.

In the 1000 the actual cubic capacity is 1,078 cc. with an output of 144 hp, in the SRK 900 RR the actual displacement is 921 cc. with an output of 128 hp / 10,500 rpm and in the SRK 800 RR the actual cubic capacity is 778 cc. with an output of 100 hp / 10,000 rpm.

The appearances of the three motorcycles are completely different now, the costumes are different, their aerodynamic aids are different, the equipment spec is also different.

The SRK 1000 RC in the photo above is the most careful and special in design…

SRK 900 RR

…with the SRK 900 RR sporting a similar hybrid frame, single-arm swingarm, and Brembo Stylema calipers up front, but a more conventional suit. A unique detail on the 900 is the 4 “barrels” of the exhausts that all come out of the right side of the motorcycle one above the other.

SRK 800 RR

The SRK 800 RR is the most conventional in design of the 3 big Chinese Superbikes, with a two-beam frame (their material unknown), conventional swingarm and lower-spec Brembo radial calipers that grip 320mm discs. Here it is clear that the goal is to keep the budget as low as possible, while the cubic capacity and performance are correspondingly lower, while the weight is also greater, at 207 full kilograms.

SRK 900 RR

As with the 1000, so with the 800 and 900, QJMOTOR is providing very few technical features at the moment, so we don’t know anything about the bikes’ electronics or the likely arrival time at European dealers.

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