On this day, November 9, the big fire broke out at AIS Ptolemaidas


On this day, on November 9, 2014, the big fire broke out at AIS Ptolemaidas. Nine years later, we remember moments in modern history, with the news then having shocked the entire region.

As we read from the report of that day in “PTOLEMIOS” and Roi Vasvatekis:

“While everything showed that the fire that broke out today at 8 am in the basement of the 4th unit of AIS Ptolemaida, after the enormous efforts of the fire brigade had been brought under partial control early in the afternoon, the flames finally reached even the top floor of station, destroying even the common control (control center) of the 4th and 3rd units of the Ptolemaida NPP”.

The report goes on to speak of “incalculable damage” to the two units and estimates at the time of huge amounts of restoration. Since then, it has been introduced as an imperative request, as we read in the same report, the “need to speed up the procedures for the construction of the new 5th in Ptolemaida”.

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