Panathinaikos: He has received this money until today

Panathinaikos: He has received this money until today
Panathinaikos: He has received this money until today

November 9, 2023 – 10:36 p.m

How much money has Panathinaikos put into its coffers so far from this year’s European course.

He doesn’t like it Wren and this was also seen in France. After Leoforos, Panathinaikos also lost away to the same opponent. In fact, he delivered suicide lessons.

Until playing with Rennes, Panathinaikos did not have a negative result in the Europa League. He had started perfectly in his group. First they beat Villarreal at home and then stood up against Maccabi Haifa in Israel

However, against Rennes he was inferior and paid for his mistakes. There was a lot about this level and jokes So the “greens” got neither points nor money after their defeat in France as well. Their European harvest, however, is not negligible until now.

It is worth noting that the victory in the premiere against Villarreal was given to Panathinaikos the amount of 630,000 euros! Such money is equivalent to player contracts in several cases. Then followed the draw with Maccabi Haifa, which had given others 210,000 euros!

Consider that until now, the “greens” have received 3,630,000 euros for participation in the groups and prem 5,000,000 euros from participating in the Champions League playoffs. Add to all this the income from the group stage. of the Europa League.

Detailed competition bonuses in the Europa League

  • Participation in groups: 3,630,000
  • Group wins: 630,000
  • Group draw: 210,000
  • First place in groups: 1,100,000
  • Second place in groups: 550,000
  • Participation in the playoffs for the round of 16: 500,000
  • Round of 16 participation: 1,200,000
  • Participation in the quarter-finals: 1,800,000
  • Participation in the semi-finals: 2,800,000
  • Participation in the final: 4,600,000
  • Conquest Premium: 4,000,000

See how Panathinaikos lost to Rennes

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