Tragedy in Chania: The two passengers on the glider are dead


The fall of a two-seater glider in the sea area of ​​Maleme in Chania turned into a tragedy, as its two passengers were pulled out unconscious.

Specifically, speaking to, the lifeguard who retrieved the passengers of the glider stated that it was found in the sea at a depth of only a few meters, while the two occupants were found tied inside the cabin.

“I was informed by the Port Authority that a plane went ashore. At this time of year we don’t have many boats in the port. They indicated to us from the Coast Guard approximately where the plane had fallen.”

And then he added: “We located the aircraft, which was 2.5 to 3 meters deep. But we had not prepared, because we left in a hurry. We thought the people got into the water before the plane hit so we didn’t have diving gear with us.

Finally, regarding the extrication of the passengers, the lifeguard noted: “I extricated them with my breaths. They were bound, they had made no attempt to get out. They had bruises. The two-seater aircraft was upside down. They probably lost consciousness or even their lives in the impact.”

As the same information states, the bodies were transported to the port of Kolymbari and from there to Chania Hospital.

Plane crash Maleme carrying passengers

The Chronicles

It all started late Thursday afternoon (9/11) when the authorities were informed that a glider had crashed in the sea area near Maleme airport.

Information from the Flashnews website states that it had taken off from Kopaida bound for Maleme airport, which is used by the Chania airport.

When they reached the area it was dark and in order to land, the pilot made a turn above Kolymbariapproaching the runway from the sea side, but suddenly fell in close proximity to the coast.

Under the coordination of the Unified Center for Search and Rescue Operations, a coast guard vehicle participated in the searches from land, Navy helicopter, two cruise ships and two fishing boats. Winds of two Beaufort force are blowing in the sea area.

See photos and videos from the investigations:

Plane crash in Maleme

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