Shiakavara for Pleuris: “I live a very big love, I’ve had my fun”


09 Nov 2023 20:33

“I’ve really fallen in love”

Konstantinos Plevris and Georgia Siakavara have turned the spotlight on them in recent weeks, as they are a couple with a particular interest in the lifestyle columns of the Media.

On Thursday’s Breakfast, Giorgos Liagas revealed for the first time a private dialogue he had with Georgia Siakavara.

“I will now say something that I have never said before. I talked to Shiakavara, I haven’t said it before, I haven’t got her permission either but I’ll post it. It’s for good, it’s not for bad,” said Giorgos Liagas and mentioned the following:

“What he told me is that really, he tells me: ‘I don’t know what everyone can say, what I’m experiencing is a great love.’ It was a private conversation and the woman told me that she lives a great love. He tells me: “You can’t imagine, Mr. Liaga, what I’ve really been through. I’m living a very big love, I’ve had my fun. I’ve really fallen in love!”

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