Trapped next episodes: Finally Akis – Who kills him

Trapped next episodes: Finally Akis – Who kills him
Trapped next episodes: Finally Akis – Who kills him

9 November 2023 – 20:57

All the developments from the series Trapped with the shocking death in the next episodes.

The Trapped riveting in the coming episodes as the manhunt to find the kidnapper and murderer continues. The battle against time to rescue Anna and the other prisoners will be long but they will succeed.

However, the adventures do not stop there for Dimitris who, when all the evidence shows that Panagiotis is the culprit, will kill him in self-defense. As if that wasn’t enough, yet another death will shock. His turn ANT1 expect shocking…

Trapped next episodes: Akis falls dead

THE Aleckafter his pressures Aki, sends him a fake passport and money so he can escape abroad. But while he is about to leave, he will have some unexpected visitors. THE Theodore together with the girls appear before him and ask him to speak.

THE Akis he will pull out a gun to threaten them into leaving him. THE Theodore but this time he is prepared and manages to immobilize him and put the gun to his temple. Of course, his purpose is not to kill him but to deliver him to Anna’s mother. He even calls the Irene and asks her to go from there to meet her husband’s killer.

A little later, she will arrive at the scene with him Agingthe Gold and the Nico. The time of crisis has arrived and Akis falls dead! The next day the police find his body. But who finally pulled the trigger?

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