“You will forever be the reason I live, the reason I exist”

“You will forever be the reason I live, the reason I exist”
“You will forever be the reason I live, the reason I exist”

When Harry Met Sally

Dalia and Alexis: “You will forever be the reason to live, the reason to exist”

Truth be told: how many times has a series kept us just for the romance that exists within it? How many times do we identify with the couple in love and get emotional and look at them gleefully as if it were a personal joy? And this feeling is so strong in us, with the loves of the screen, because by watching them and empathizing with their characters, stories, dramas and the complexity of their motivations, we are mirrored and hope that we too will find something similar. Something that will fascinate us.

Among the less famous love analyzes of the Greek TV series, belongs that of Dalia and Alexis, from the beloved “to para 5”. A love that we didn’t focus on since the comedy and the general plot always won, but it had such depth and such purity that it formed an ideal in us.

Let’s start with the basic one, which growing up was also the main topic of analysis as an innovation of Kapoutzidis, who is always interested in giving visibility to issues that perhaps, some other creator would not dare to touch. And one of them is that Dalia’s character was the first on Greek television with autism and it was extremely interesting to see and understand her beautiful and dynamic features, combined with her need to love and be loved. As, likewise, the handling of the character of Alexis, a man who wanted to stand by her side and loved her for her wholeness, was extremely delicate.

The first time they really get close is at Christmas – how novel! Alexis speaks to her for the first time in the singular and kisses her. Every element of their contact hides nothing obscene, on the contrary, it has that raw and wonderful feeling of the first time, the almost adolescent heartbeat.

He asks for her and wants her in his life, without maintaining a taboo, that in her twenties she had a relationship with his father, a relationship that was the cause of his parents’ separation, before he died in the plane crash. For Dahlia, he is the man she trusts even with her life. Her man, for everything.

Dalia and Alexis hide a deep respect and concern for each other. They don’t want to be hurt and to hurt and this is shown by how much they suppress their feelings, consciously choosing loneliness, rather than prioritizing their need to fix their lives – maybe apart. And yet, they break up again and again. Even when Dalia becomes pregnant, she doesn’t tell him, because she doesn’t want to stand in the way of his career, because she doesn’t want to hold him back. And he turns to her anyway, as every great love does in the end.

Unfortunately, there was no special space for romance in the script, despite everything, from what we saw between them, we discerned true feelings, from their looks and actions. Even when they rehearse Martha’s wedding, pretending to be the couple who will get married the next day, the vows they exchange – even in lies – hurt them, because they understand that they will never live it in reality.
They know the difficulties and they know where they are in trouble – especially Dahlia. Every vow that they exchange, also flows from a tear, while it is as if everything around has been erased: “I will forever be by your side even if there will be moments when I will be far from you. And you will forever be the reason I live, the reason I exist, the day, the night, the light and the dark.”

Love children, love Natalia like Alexis, like Dalia loves Alexis. Life is too short, not to live next to those who are the reason for living.

Editor: Iliana Tsakiri
Text editor: Giovanna Kontonikolou

The article is in Greek

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