Fai Bakoiorgou: In the “frame” and a fourth person for her murder

Fai Bakoiorgou: In the “frame” and a fourth person for her murder
Fai Bakoiorgou: In the “frame” and a fourth person for her murder

It seems that the police authorities are examining the possibility of another person’s involvement in the case of the murder of Fai Bakoiorgou. A fourth person is also included in the “framework” of the investigations, who is being investigated if he was involved in the case of Faye, who was the victim of murder by the landlady, her mother and sister.

According to information from the Live News show, this person is close associate of the housewife and, among other things, he allegedly drives her to various jobs.

As it was reported, the specific person seems to have participated in the transfer of the body, from the house where she lost her life, to the place where her lifeless body was finally found, wrapped in a blanket, in Kypseli.

The person in question is a 42-year-old man of Albanian origin, who, according to the broadcast’s information, allegedly helped the three accused on the night of the murder and carried Faye’s body in his car to the garage, where they left her dead .

The 42-year-old is currently free, however, he has been found accountable in several police cases involving fraud. As reported, he maintains a steakhouse in an area near Kypseli.

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“Very likely there will be a third murder”

The lawyer representing the father of the unfortunate girl stated that it is very possible that there is a third murder. “If someone’s mouths open, I’m afraid we’ll be talking about a 3rd suspicious death,” said Mrs. Voula Dimitriadou.

Three times in the hospital with fractures and bruises, within six months

According to other information transmitted by Vassilis Lambropoulos, Fai Bakoiorgou had transferred three times in one semester in a large state hospital of Attica, with fractures and injuries in person. In particular, she had gone to the said hospital in December 2020, April 2021 and June of the same year, when it was found that she was pregnant.

Despite the bruises and fractures on Faye’s body, there was no further information from the hospital officials to the police authorities.

It is recalled that Faia’s body was found in Kypseli in October 2021 and then transferred to a hospital in Attica, where it remained in refrigerators for a month, without a forensic examination. An inquest into her cause of death ensued, however, her body was decomposed and her death attributed to an ischemic episode.

After the lawsuit testified by the 23-year-old’s father, the medical examiner Sokratis Tsantiris re-examined the case and found all of Faie’s medical data from the hospitals where she had been treated. Then he realized that the 23-year-old had been abused and found that her death was due to previous injuries.

According to information, both Fai and the 67-year-old who was staying at the house of the accused landlady were hospitalized together at the KAT in 2021 due to strep infectiona fact attributed to their neglect.

“An old acquaintance” the landlady

The latest data from the investigation are revealing about the actions of the 57-year-old housewife, who, according to the report, had been accused seven times of theft, fraud, embezzlement and robbery, during the period from 2012 to 2023.

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