K. Skrekas: Reductions in supermarkets are greater than 5%

K. Skrekas: Reductions in supermarkets are greater than 5%
K. Skrekas: Reductions in supermarkets are greater than 5%

Bigger reductions of 5% has brought about the new framework with “locked” prices for a six-month period, which applies to Super Market, according to what he said the Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas speaking earlier to Plenary session.

Mr. Skrekas also announced a new framework that will govern the offers, so that transparency exists and misleading offers are prevented, from which the consumer is not sure that he will win.

“We come and say to reduce the prices of food and other products – detergents, cleaners, shampoos, personal care products – for at least 6 months and for at least 5%. Flours are down 10%, cereals 7%, too many products are down 8%. So in the end it’s not just a 5% reduction, it’s bigger. And from the moment the product is marked, the price is locked, instead of this elevator we see with the ‘one plus one’, with a 30% discount coupon, which has turned the supermarket hall into a bargain and the consumer does not know after all what is the price of the product. And for this reason, we are studying intervention, so that it changes and finally there is transparency in prices and the consumer knows exactly what price he is buying and from which store he should buy”, said the Minister of Development.

The minister underlined that the government is moving forward with the aim of supporting Greek society and households and the need to create an economy of sustainable development.

Mr. Skrekas, during the discussion of the bill of the Ministry of Development in the Parliament, also referred to the electricity tariffs. “We obliged the providers to announce the prices every month, so that the consumer can choose. That’s what we did. In 2019, when we took over the governance of the country, there was a fixed tariff, which consumers did not know what it meant. Now we oblige the providers to have a fixed long-term tariff, it will be in blue, or a tariff whose price will change every month and the provider will be obliged to announce the price, this will be in green.

The algorithm will not be known in advance. And we will also have a dynamic tariff as the price of energy during the day changes. For example, in the morning a household may choose to install a washing machine where the price will be almost zero, in the evening or afternoon when electricity is more expensive, it may decide not to use energy-intensive appliances then. Is this bad that the government is doing it?” said Mr. Skrekas and commented on the criticism of the parties that the global economy does not work with ceilings and pricing.

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