Product prices soar despite fines on companies (vid)

Product prices soar despite fines on companies (vid)
Product prices soar despite fines on companies (vid)

It can Ministry of Development to impose “bitterly” fines for unfair profiteering in two companies, yet prices remain high, with consumers not seeing reductions in products which the two multinational companies were caught profiting from.

According to sources from the Ministry of Development, the products that the two companies were caught profiting from are detergents, baby diapers, shampoos, cleaning products, and personal care products.

As OPEN reported, the Consumer Institute of Greece he preaches boycott in the time period from November 13 to 19in the products of the two companies Unilever and Procter&Gamble.

However, it is noted that one of the main weapons of the government for dealing with accuracy is the permanent 5% price reduction for at least 6 months. In total they reached them 644 codes in 35 product categories with 52 companies participating in total.

In any case, checks are ongoing and new fines are expected, which will likely be announced next week.

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