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EICMA 2023: Stormbreaker V 1200 – With traditional V2 American pushrod engine



Alexander Lambrakis


MBP (Moto Bologna Passione), created in 2022 by the Keeway Group, presented a new motorcycle for the middle displacement category, with a different design than usual, as the nose from the front of the motorcycle shines by its absence.

The T502X’s engine is a 486cc liquid-cooled, inline-twin with a maximum output of 47.6 hp at 8,500 rpm and 4.38 kgm of torque at 6,750 rpm. These numbers make it capable of being driven by A2 license holders, while the top speed announced by the company reaches 160 km/h.

Suspension features an inverted telescopic fork with 180mm of travel and a single rear shock with 170mm of travel, which is preload adjustable. MBP has adopted branded solutions for the brakes, as the T502X is equipped with two 300mm discs with radial calipers at the front and one 240mm at the rear, sourced from J.Juan – now a subsidiary of Brembo. The two-channel ABS naturally belongs to the standard equipment.

The 19 and 17-inch wheels have the spokes “tied” to the outer part of the rim, allowing the use of tubeless tires, an element that is also missing from larger displacement motorcycles. The original tires are the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR with dimensions 110/80-19 and 150/70-17 front and rear, respectively.

The tank is 16 liters, while the nominal weight does not deviate much from the data of the category, as it is announced at 195 dry kilograms.

As we can see the T502X follows the new trend of not having a nose at the front of the motorcycle, which we have started to see in several new models, such as the SVT 650X from QJMOTOR and also the brand new NX500 from Honda. The two-person saddle is one-piece with a step separating the rider from the passenger, also offering a sort of support to the rider’s waist, while it has outer seams for a sportier touch. The DRL lights consist of a line in the shape of a boomerang, while below it are the two LED headlights that resemble fog lights. The well-designed exhaust is mounted high for greater off-road capabilities.

EICMA 2023: MBP T502X – Modern design and rich equipment

Standard equipment on the T502X includes a tinted adjustable sunroof, protective bars and radiator cover, grab bars, full LED light fixtures, plastic engine apron, vertically mounted color TFT screen, saddle-level rack for easier loading, and integrated passenger grab handles and illuminated switches. .

EICMA 2023: MBP T502X – Modern design and rich equipmentEICMA 2023: MBP T502X – Modern design and rich equipmentEICMA 2023: MBP T502X – Modern design and rich equipment

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