“The 44-year-old man did not wear his safety belt,” says a circus employee


What the circus communications officer says about the accident with the 44-year-old acrobat in Agrinio

One shocking accident occurred last night during a circus performance in Agrinio. A acrobat lost his balance while performing his performance and fell to the ground from a height of about 5 meters.

The 44-year-old acrobat by sheer luck he was not seriously injured, while from his fall he only has bruises. But he remains in the hospital, as well he is given intravenous pain medication and is expected to be discharged in the next few hours.

The circus’ communications manager spoke to Alpha and revealed how the accident happened. As Sakis Petropoulos mentioned, the accident occurred because the 44-year-old acrobat made a big mistake, as he never wore the protective belt as he should have.

It is noted that the 44-year-old acrobat who almost got seriously injured is also the owner of the circus. He is an experienced showman, having been in the profession for several years. However, in this case he overestimated his capabilities.

Agrinio: How the accident happened with the 44-year-old acrobat

The accident occurred when he tried to perform a seat on the spinning wheel during which, because he miscalculated the centrifugal force, he slipped and landed on the ground

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