“Routine” investment moves in Euromarkets


Today (9/11) share values ​​in the European stock markets are showing small upward trends.

of Pantelis Manos

In the financial news of the day, its economy China went into deflation last month amid a real estate crisis. According to data from the National Statistics Service published today Thursday, the consumer price index fell by 0.2% in October on an annual basis, while it was unchanged in September.

At the same time, expectations for the growth of gross domestic product in the second half of 2023 in the Eurozone remain “downward”, expecting a “possible” weak economy, according to the latest economic bulletin of the European Central Bank (ECB).

As far as he is concerned inflationthe ECB insists that he will make every effort to achieve it medium-term target of 2%, considering that the current monetary policy, if maintained, is appropriate and will contribute to the timely reduction of inflation.

On the other side of the Atlantic, new applications for unemployment benefit moved marginally lower on USA.

Especially, Mr number of Americans who filed for unemployment benefits the week ending November 4 fell to 217,000.

THE total number of Americans who receive unemployment benefits increased to 1.834 million from 1.812 million people.

Stock markets

On its stock market Frankfurt The DAX30 showing an increase of 0.62%, at Paris the key indicator CAC 40 shows profits at a rate of 0.89%, at Madrid the main index moves higher by 0.98%, the Milan is enhanced by 0.73%while at London The FTSE 100 shows profits as a percentage 0.65%.

In the Athens Stock Exchange, with transactions of around 80 million euros, the General Index closed at 1,218.07 points showing losses by 0.75%.


Eurozone government bond yields are showing small upward trends today. His performance 10 year old German, eurozone benchmark, moves upward by 3 basis points, at 2.64%. His performance 10-year Italian bond is strengthened by 2 bps at 4.50%, of the corresponding Spanish title moves higher by 3 units, at 3.68% while his performance 10-year-old Greek shows an increase by 2 basis points, at 3.88%.

On the other side of the Atlantic, his performance American 10-year-old title increases to 4.54%.


International oil prices are recovering, despite concerns about demand from the China.

The American crude displays up 1.31%at $76.32 per barrel, while the Brent with corresponding profits of 1.27%, it is at $80.55.

In foreign exchange market, the dollar registers marginal gains against the euro, the British pound and the gen. Its exchange rate with the European currency is 1.0693 dollars/euro.

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