A 35-year-old man was arrested who had been called to testify about the murder of Michalis Katsouris (upd)

A 35-year-old man was arrested who had been called to testify about the murder of Michalis Katsouris (upd)
A 35-year-old man was arrested who had been called to testify about the murder of Michalis Katsouris (upd)

The owner of the knife that killed Katsouris was identified – The man was transferred to Nafplion prisons

Latest update

A 35-year-old Greek, who had been summoned to testify in the case of the murder of Michalis Katsouri, was arrested at noon on Thursday (09.11.23) in the area of ​​Kypseli, as a conviction was pending against him for participating in incidents at the Panthessal Stadium.

The arrest of the specific man took place shortly after 3:00 p.m. on Thursday and as stated in a police information note, he fell into the nets of the men of the Sub-Directorate for Combating Violence in the Sports Grounds, because case no. 950 of 13-06-2023 decision of the Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Volos, for violation of article 41Τ1c-2b of Law 2725/1999, by which he was sentenced to a prison sentence of (12) twelve months and a fine of (700) seven hundred euros.

It is noted that the sentence is not suspended – it is not commuted and any appeal filed has no suspensive force.

The arrested person was brought before the Athens First Instance Prosecutor’s Office at the Department of Execution of Decisions & Parliaments, which issued the no. 1494/2023 from 09-11-2023 order for incarceration of a convict in Nafplio prisons.

Original text

A person who had previously testified regarding the murder of AEK fan Michalis Katsouri in New Philadelphia has been arrested by the authorities.

The specific man was arrested as a conviction was pending against him which, however, has nothing to do with the case of the murder of the 29-year-old AEK fan, Michalis Katsouri.

The DNA of the owner of the knife found at the scene of Michalis Katsouri’s murder has been identified

Latest information indicates that the person who is expected to be arrested with a warrant is A.D. who is accused of being responsible for fan incidents in the city of Volos. In essence, two different cases concerning the same person are involved. It is also reported competently that this person can be seen in a photograph on the night of the incidents to be next to Michalis Katsouris and, as police sources point out, he was armed with a knife.

Additional apologies from the accused are coming

In the meantime, a new cycle of additional, this time apologies, for the case of the murder of Michalis Katsouris in New Philadelphia is signaled, according to information, by the report of the directorate of forensic laboratories of EL.AS. from DNA samples taken from the scene of the murder and conversations of a Greek defendant in the case, who has been pardoned and released last summer, as he was reportedly on holiday in Kefalonia at the time in question. From these conversations it appears that some people know the circumstances under which the unfortunate AEK fan was murdered.

In particular, in the multi-page expert report of EL.AS. which was handed over to the investigating officer reportedly states that in two knives found at the scene of the murder, mixture of genetic material was found which includes Michalis Katsouri’s genetic data. One of these knives is attributed to 23 year old Croatian defendant, who, however, during his statement to the interrogator, had argued that the knife was not his and that neither his fingerprints nor his genetic material had been found on it.

At the same time, however, genetic material of Croatian defendants has reportedly been traced to various persuasions from the area of ​​the incidents such as in gloves, hats, wooden poles, canteens but also in the vehicles with which the organized fans of Dinamo Zagreb had come to Greece. In fact, using the video material in the case file, the authorities are said to have identified approximately 40 persons out of the 105 remanded in custody as participants in the incidents.

The conversations

Furthermore, information indicates that one of the persons allegedly referred to in a conversation with the accused in the case, who had apologized to the investigator last summer and was released by presenting an alibi, has already been called to testify, according to which at the time of the of the bloody conflict he himself was on vacation in Kefalonia.

Among other things, the specific accused in the conversations in question allegedly states:

Accused: Hey friend, let me ask you something, I also took M… Those who went like that now, know who has done it and who is the perpetrator. The perpetrator should not go and surrender and take it upon himself so that he is not taken out by a bunch of hundred or so people. I mean, if I did it so that you wouldn’t go to jail, M.., L…, the tall one and the one from below, wouldn’t I go, friend, to surrender? This should be done normally.


Accused: Yes I understand what you are saying, I understand what you are saying. Err no two Croats one L…he had been caught with a knife, he…and a Croat with a knife. Yes. I don’t know what to say M… he hinted to me anyway that Th… they know too. What can I tell you. Okay. Ok, we’re talking.

The article is in Greek

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