Olive oil: Traders want price correction in Messinia

Olive oil: Traders want price correction in Messinia
Olive oil: Traders want price correction in Messinia

After some days when we had a lack of commercial interest in olive oil, traders have started to give prices again.

In Messinia, last year’s olive oil was sold a few days ago at 7.90 euros +VAT. This year’s olive oils started at 8 euros per kilo producer price. A trading halt followed and they reappeared at a price of 7.20 euros per kilo.

Of course, many producers do not have olive oil and those who do, are waiting to see better prices. The problem lies with those who have financial obligations and need to sell immediately.

In the meantime, the bombardment continues for the “expensive” for consumers olive oil that has nothing to do with the producers.

Mr. Nikolaos Athanasopoulos, president of the Elaionas Agricultural Cooperative from Gargalianos, reports to AgroTypos that “this year the production in our country is reduced. In a month I estimate that the harvest will be completed. Italians at this time do not buy and try to see their own production. On the other hand, Spain, with the rains it had in the previous days, is waiting to see how the next production will develop, while looking to see how much the consumption will decrease. In about 20 days, the picture for the domestic olive oil market is expected to change, since we will have a picture of this year’s quantities.

What I would like to point out is that many talk about expensive olive oils to the consumer. We have an average annual consumption of 18-12 kg in our country. If we have a retail price of 15 euros per liter, we will have a price of around 180 euros for 12 kilos. This shows us that the average Greek spends 50 cents a day on olive oil.”

Mr. Vasilios Katsas, president of the Glyfada Agricultural Cooperative in Pylos, reports to AgroTypos about the large reduction in this year’s production. As he emphasizes, “the quantity this year is reduced by 80% compared to last year. The principle of our cooperative is to sell the olive oil through auctions. But with such small quantities this year it is difficult to hold an auction.”

Mr. Sotiris Kritikos, president of the Agricultural Olive Cooperative of Agios Dimitrios of Monemvasia, reports to AgroTypos that “the Athinolia variety has a large decrease in production this year. Also big is the problem with the dako. Some producers who do not have a financial problem have kept last year’s olive oils and are waiting for a price increase. For this year’s olive oil, traders are currently offering 7.5 to 8 euros per kilo, but olive producers are not willing to sell at this price.”

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