Candidates: More than 700 “investors” in the 2023 Stock Market Game – Jogo da Bolsa

Candidates: More than 700 “investors” in the 2023 Stock Market Game – Jogo da Bolsa
Candidates: More than 700 “investors” in the 2023 Stock Market Game – Jogo da Bolsa

Lisboa and Porto are the national districts with the most candidates for the Jogo da Bolsa, accounting for 26% and 17% of the total number of registrants.

This year’s edition of the Jogo da Bolsa is already underway and has 778 participants from many contexts and geographies and teve maior adesão among those who studied until the higher education.

Contest participants will receive 100 million virtual euros at their disposal to invest in financial assets from November 6 to December 1, which can be transformed into real prizes.

To be eligible, the candidates will have to expose themselves, at least, to three types of assets and carry out at least one operation with a minimum investment value of 15 million euros in each of the chosen classes. The number of operations is unlimited.

The pastime suscitou maior interesse entre pessoas com ensino superior (59.3%): 35.2% of the participants are licensed, 22.2% estudiaram até ao mestrado e há ainda 1.8% que concluiu o dotoramento. Além disso, 36.7% of the candidates affirmed that they studied at 12º ano, while the remaining 3.9% disseram ter outra formação.

The initiative reached all corners of the country, counting candidates from all the districts of continental Portugal, but also from the autonomous regions.

Tal como no ano passado, Lisboa is the district with the most participants, with a share of 26% of the 778 participants. The capital is followed by the country’s second largest city, Porto, which accounts for 17% of the universe, followed by Aveiro and Setúbal, which have 11.3% and 6.9% of the total, respectively. Além disso, there were also seven participants from foreign countries.

| Prémios
There are many prizes we have to offer. The competition will be muita, mas no final o effort will be rewarded. Check out the prizes we have for this edition of Jogo da Bolsa.

General Classification:
The following prizes will be awarded to the first globally classified:
1º Classificado – Computador Portátil;
2º Classificado – Computador Portátil;
3º Classificado – Computador Portátil;
4º e 5º Classificados – Tablet;
6º ao 10º Classificado – Leitores de MP3.

Weekly Classification:
Durante as três semanas será attributído ao concorrente com melhores resultados na classification semanal um smartphone.

University Classification – ISCTE Business School:
1º Classificado – Tablet;
2º Classificado – Tablet;
3º Classificado – Tablet.

Classification Universo ISCTE
1º Classificado – Computador Portátil;
2º Classificado – Smartphone?
3º Classificado – Smartphone.

Note: The prizes mentioned refer to the products already purchased by the organization of the hobby, although they may, at the discretion of the organization, be altered by other equivalent(s) or similar(s).

| Jogo da Bolsa
6 de novembro a 1 de dezembro
The classifications of Jogo da Bolsa 2023 are updated daily. In the first place, a Top is published in Negócios and after 14 hours a total listing is published in Jornal de Negócios Online ( Para o efeito, todos os dias é retirema uma classification provisória da Classification Global, a Classification Universitária e da Classification Universo ISCTE Business School. Depois, todas as terças-feiras, é divulgado o vencedor semanal. Na primeira semana, o vencedor da classification é quem ficar à frente na classification global. Nas semanas semanas, o vencedor da semana pode não corresponde ao líder do jogo. Find out which are the prizes of this edition of Jogo da Bolsa at

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