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What do the new tariffs provide?

What do the new tariffs provide?
What do the new tariffs provide?

With the new tariffs, consumers will be able to easily compare prices and see which supplier is cheaper, said the Minister of Environment and Energy Th. Skylakakis in the Parliament, intervening in the discussion of the draft law of the Ministry of Development which includes provisions for the supply of electricity and in particular, regulation to maintain a safety net for consumers.

The new feature is that consumers will now be able, by opening the relevant page of the Waste, Energy and Water Regulatory Authority (RAEW), where there will be a special link, as in every bill, that will take them to the price comparison, and they see who is the cheapest in the market said Mr. Skylakakis noting that this does not mean that they (consumers) will not be able to leave this tariff or change supplier. This means that “companies will be forced, on this particular tariff, to compete on prices. And price competition will only be good for the consumer.”

Referring to publications that “say that I am an ideological neoliberal because I do state interventions, and that there is confusion in the market, I will say that, the confusion exists among consumers. Because the big confusion is that they don’t know who is the cheapest. And we will resolve this confusion” assured Mr. Skylakakis.

Responding to the proposal of the SYRIZA Member of Parliament, Th. Xanthopoulos, if the consumer does not choose, to automatically join the cheapest on the market, Mr. Skylakakis said that this would entail (the consumer) changing providers without their consent .

Source: RES-MPE

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