Exclusion of three children from the Social Electricity Tariff KOT C

Exclusion of three children from the Social Electricity Tariff KOT C
Exclusion of three children from the Social Electricity Tariff KOT C

PASOK-KINAL Member of Parliament, Kazani Ekaterini, submitted a question to the Parliament regarding the new social tariff:

On Thursday, November 2, the new social electricity tariff program for the category of citizens with many children, KOT C’, was presented. The specific tariff provides for expanded income criteria, without taking into account property criteria. This is a measure that goes in the right direction, relieving large families of a significant cost, especially in a period of great precision, such as the one we are experiencing.

Once again, however, we see that no measures are being taken to support families with three children. Despite the recent meeting of the Panhellenic Federation of Triplets with Ms. Zacharakis and their position on the issue, no initiative has been taken to support these families.

Dear Ministers, the three-child and multi-child families of our country play an important role against the low birth rate and the demographic problem. The state has a duty to protect the institution of the family in accordance with par. 1 and 2 of article 21 of the Constitution, to ensure decent living conditions for all citizens through a system of minimum guaranteed income, as well as to provide special care to families they. Unfortunately, once again, families with three children and their children are still experiencing an injustice against them, after so many other exemptions from relief policies that large families, rightly, enjoy.

So ask

1. Will you correct this injustice against families with three children and include them in CTO C, and how soon?

2. How do you expect to combat the demographic problem, which the Government claims is its priority to tackle, when families with three children are constantly excluded from relief, facilitation and support policies?

3. What immediate measures will you take to strengthen families with three children and their children and to give incentives to families to have a third child?

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