Which wineries can you visit with free entry

Which wineries can you visit with free entry
Which wineries can you visit with free entry

On Sunday, November 12, at the “Wine Routes of Northern Greece” we celebrate wine tourism, along with dozens of other wine tourism regions of our planet.

21 visiting wineries, members of the “Winemakers of Northern Greece” association, participate in the celebration of the “World Wine Tourism Day” and invite wine lovers for wine tours and wine tastings at the production sites of the excellent wines they create.

A wonderful proposal for every traveler who loves the countryside, gastronomy and of course wine, to experience the unique experience that wine tourism offers, knowing the entire process of wine production in the wineries’ building facilities, in the areas of winemaking, maturation, aging and of course in the appropriately configured area of ​​the taste tests.

The picture is completed with the vine resting after the harvest and before shedding its leaves for the winter.

After all, nature is wonderful this season with the autumn gold-orange-red colors!

At winery tastings, you are looking for an opportunity to learn about the progress of the 2023 vintage, perhaps even with the possibility of tasting from the tanks.

You will certainly taste the current vintages, while there is no shortage of suggestions from several wineries for vertical tastings with aged wines.

Entry to the wineries of the Wine Routes of Northern Greece is free.

Common opening hours are 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with exceptions noted below on occasion.

The wineries you can visit:

Route of the Wine of the gods of Olympus
– Katsaros Estate in Krania Olympos
*Hours 12:00-17:00

Wine Route of Epirus
– Zoinos Winery in Zitsa, Ioannina

Wine Route of the Lakes
– Kamkouti Vineyard in Velvedo Kozani
– Vogiatzi Estate in Velvedo, Kozani
– Stergio Estate in Metamorfosi, Kastoria
– Alpha Estate in Amyntaion, Florina

Pella-Goumenissa Wine Route
– Estate of Zin Ideos in Loutraki, Almopia, Pella
– 3 Generations – Thomaidis Family in Piperia, Aridaia Pella
– Tito’s Small Estate in Two Rivers, Goumenissa, Kilkis

Naoussa Wine Route
– Vaeni Naoussa in the Diocese of Imathia
*Hours 11:00-16:00
– Argatia in Rodochori Imathia
*Visit by appointment
– Kyr-Yiannis estate in Gianakochori, Imathia
– Fundis estate in Nea Strandza, Imathia

Thessaloniki Wine Route
– Kehris Winery in Kalochori
– Florian Estate in Trilofos
– Gerovasiliou Estate in Epanomi

Route of the Wine of Dionysus
– Estate Biblia Chora in Kokkinohori Kavala
– Nico Lazaridi at the Drama Market
* Tours every half hour, 11:00-16:00 (last tour)
– Estate of Costas Lazaridis in Adriani, Drama
– Pavlidis Estate in Kokkinogeia, Drama
– The Apostoli Estate in the Serres Vineyards
*Hours 11:00-18:00

Parallel events – Proposals

Gerovasiliou estate
The visual artist Giorgos Tzinoudis vividly paints a horizon in red and white, in the cafe of the Gerovasiliou Museum.

The Estate of Apostolis
Bruschetta and wine: 4 variations of the famous Italian appetizer matched with 3 different wine labels & 1 Estate spirit. Opening hours 11:00-17:00 per hour upon reservation at 6946579507, free of charge!

Florian estate
Exhibition of antique cars and wine tasting of timeless wines.

Fundi estate
Vertical tasting of the “Fundi Estate” label.

3 Generations – Thomaidis Family
Visitors to the winery will also have the opportunity to see horses.

Photography competition

“THE COLORS OF AUTUMN” themed photo competition with the posting of photos of the “World Wine Tourism Day” on 12/11/23, by a winery of the “Winemakers of Northern Greece” association.

The first 5 winners will receive as a prize three bottles of wines from the “Winemakers of Northern Greece” association.

For more information please visit the website https://winemakersofnorthgreece.gr/diagonismos-photografias-pagosmia-imera-oinotourismou-2023/.

A few words about World Wine Tourism Day

It was originally established, since 2009, as “Pan-European Wine Tourism Day”, by the “European Network of Wine Cities” (RECEVIN) and is always held on the second Sunday of November.

Then, with the participation of other regions of the world wine map, it was renamed “World Wine Tourism Day”.

Greece has been participating with the wine tourism network “Wine Routes of Northern Greece” since 2012, which then evolved into a pan-Hellenic celebration.

For more information about the “Winemakers of North Greece” association, its member wineries and its activities, you can visit the website www.winemakersofnorthgreece.gr

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