Sasmos – What we will see tonight: The loss of her child crushes Theodora

Sasmos – What we will see tonight: The loss of her child crushes Theodora
Sasmos – What we will see tonight: The loss of her child crushes Theodora

“Sasmus” returns tonight to our television receivers with a new episode through the Alpha frequency.

The loss of her child shatters Theodora, who sees her dreams destroyed once again. Mourning falls heavily on the Angelakis’ house.

Calliope and the priest try to help Vasiliki, but she, after the death of Nikephoros, seems to have already entered a world of no return.


Asteris tries to find out who is sending him the threatening messages, while Eva and Andreas get closer and closer, gradually forming a love alliance, from which neither of them will be able to deviate.

Pavlos and Grandma talk about what Calliope learned about Basil’s murder. She reveals to Pavlos that she can stop the storm that broke out, because there are some secrets she knows and maybe it’s time to reveal them.


Sasmos: The beginning of the vendetta between Vroulakides and Stamatakides in the 3rd cycle

Fate plays evil games in the village of Ano Poria, with the heroes at a critical point in their lives. Determined to go against this fate and overcome the obstacles, the hope for salvation grows more and more in their souls. The balances, however, are constantly overturned. New faces come like shadows, willing to ally to prevent reconciliation, while the Erinyes for a crime that has never been punished, awaken the worst face of the vendetta with uncontrollable consequences and losses. Love alternates with hate, light with darkness, and dreams become nightmares come to life. Situations change the characters’ personalities. At the moment, when their own persons are threatened, they are forced to overcome themselves and make difficult decisions. Some of them no return…

Starring: Orfeas Augustidis, Dimitris Lalos, Maria Protopapa, Christina Heila Fameli, Dimitris Imellos, Stelios Mainas, Vassilis Bispikis, Marilita Lampropoulou, Eugenia Samara, Penelope Tsilika, Michalis Aerakis, George Amoutzas, George Gerontidakis, Alina Kotsovoulou, Danae Papa , Stathis Mantzoros, Olga Damani.

Maria Tzompanaki in the role of Calliope.

Take part: Stella Gikas, Giota Festa, Efimia Kalogiannis, Spyros Sarafianos, Nektaria Giannoudakis, Stratis Hatjistamatiou, Sandy Hatziioannou, Dimitris Mamios, George Triantafyllidis, Manos Petousis, Thanos Birkos, Nikos Tsoleridis, Stamatis Kakavelakis, Timotheus Thanos.


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