On Monday, the apologies for Faye’s murder – The role of the landlady in the exploitation of the 23-year-old pregnant woman

On Monday, the apologies for Faye’s murder – The role of the landlady in the exploitation of the 23-year-old pregnant woman
On Monday, the apologies for Faye’s murder – The role of the landlady in the exploitation of the 23-year-old pregnant woman

Two years after death of Fai Bakoiorgou the authorities’ revelation that her mother, sister and landlady are allegedly involved in the case is shocking.

The three women are now facing the justice system as the investigation opened on the occasion of the 23-year-old’s father’s lawsuit led at the beginning of September to the initiation of criminal proceedings, on a case-by-case basis, against the 66-year-old housewife, her 64-year-old mother and her 23-year-old sister unfortunate girl for manslaughter by act and omission, human trafficking by profession (homemaker), felony termination of pregnancy (homemaker), dangerous bodily harm to a vulnerable person, simple battery by serial assault, accessory to human trafficking (sister).

The three defendants will cross the threshold of the investigative office next Monday in order to apologize.

Information indicates that the responsible investigator, studying the case file, deemed it necessary to issue arrest warrants since the three defendants were found to be suspected of committing new acts. The indictment allegedly states that the three defendants took measures to prevent their act from being revealed, after they wrapped the body and threw it in the trash. In fact, according to information, there is talk for “extreme brutality of the act and continuity of the illegal acts” in terms of the offense of human trafficking.

The unfortunate Faye, who was pregnant, was found dead wrapped in a blanket in Kypseli in October 2021. The medical examiner in his report referred to an ischemic episode, however, the father of the 23-year-old was the one who from the first moment spoke of murder complaining that his daughter was experiencing a calvary. Now, after the latest developments, he declares himself justified in his fight to shed light on the case.

According to the authorities the three women allegedly beat and raped the 23-year-old while allegedly forcing her to beg. In fact, they allegedly went so far as to push the girl into moving cars so that they could claim compensation.

A central role in Faye’s exploitation was allegedly played by her landlady who appears to have set up the inferno while her mother and sister did not react.

The testimonies of neighbors and people who worked near the apartment building shed light on the horrible conditions the unfortunate girl lived in. The witnesses reportedly reported that Faye’s abuse was continuous while also recording incidents where she was accompanied while begging by her mother and sister. There are reports that Faye had been hospitalized several times with injuries from successive beatings. The case file, according to information, contains a multitude of witness statements as well as the expert opinion of the medical examiner Sokratis Tsantiris, which is considered of pivotal importance as it sheds light on the case.

Another death has come under the “microscope” of the authorities. It is a 69-year-old woman who died six months before the 23-year-old. The woman lived in the house of the landlady who had claimed that the 69-year-old was facing pathological problems. However, the authorities unraveling the tangle of the death reportedly came to the conclusion that the elderly woman was also a victim of similar abusive behavior. A separate case has already been filed for this specific case and the circumstances of her death are being investigated.

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