Kypseli: On Monday, the three arrested for the murder of the 23-year-old pregnant woman will be pardoned

Kypseli: On Monday, the three arrested for the murder of the 23-year-old pregnant woman will be pardoned
Kypseli: On Monday, the three arrested for the murder of the 23-year-old pregnant woman will be pardoned

The three women accused of the brutal abuse and murder of the 23-year-old woman requested and received a deadline to apologize before the Investigator on Monday morning Fais Bakoiorgou, in October 2021, in Kypseli. It’s about her mother the victim’s sister as well as their landlady against whom the Regular Investigator issued arrest warrants judging that the three defendants are dangerous for committing new crimes.

What happened

About two years ago, on the morning of October 8, 2021, neighbors on the pedestrian street of Tychis Street, in the center of Athens, in Kypseli in particular, found the body of a young girl wrapped in a blanket. They notify the police who arrive at the scene. Initially, the first image is that it is an unidentified woman, as there were no documents or personal items on her. She was naked and wrapped only in a blanket. A preliminary investigation is underway. In the morning of the next day, a woman goes to the police. It is the mother of the 23-year-old who reports her missing, but until that time the authorities cannot connect the two cases.

Several days will pass, an autopsy will be performed and on 11/23 she will be identified by a member of her family as the missing girl. As the cause of death, the medical examiners will see pulmonary edema, while it turns out that the girl was pregnant.

The research will last two years. Dozens of witness statements will be taken from people in the environment, from the family, from neighbors, from people who knew what was happening in this area, and yesterday we arrived at the arrest of three women: the mother of the 23-year-old 57-year-old, her sister who is 23 today and the 59-year-old their landlady, where she hosted them in an apartment on Drosopoulos Street in Kypseli, about 500 meters away from the spot where the 23-year-old was found dead.

From what the police officers of the Homicide Prosecution Department were able to collect, it emerged that the girl was experiencing abusive behavior both herself and her two minor children in the apartment on Drosopoulos Street.

They beat her, cursed her, forced the 23-year-old to go out begging on the streets, always accompanied by her sister or the woman who was hosting them, and they even made dates for her to have sex with men and get the money themselves.

The file is also opened on the causes of death of an elderly roommate

The three women arrested were charged with aggravated manslaughter and other related offences. At the same time, the police are investigating the death of an elderly woman, who also lived in the apartment on Drosopoulos Street. At the time, it was attributed to pathological causes, however, after what was revealed by the preliminary investigation, the file is opened again with the possibility of a second completed homicide.

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